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From Canberra to Washington
It’s been a big few months for CIT student Ian Goudie – from rubbing shoulders with Brad Pitt and
Barack Obama to launching the very first Canberra lesbian, gay, bisexual, intersexual and
transgender (LGBIT) community service centre.
But it’s a far cry from his life growing up.
“I lived on the streets and couch surfed. I was one of the kids that never thought they’d get anywhere
in life,” he says.
It was this experience that inspired Ian to study community welfare at CIT.
During his time as owner of a Canberra gay nightclub, Ian saw a lot of underprivileged young people
with nowhere to turn to, and was inspired to do something.
“It reminded me of my own childhood. The persecution you go through when you’re gay is huge –
there’s just nowhere for you to go in Canberra,” he says.
Ian says the idea for the community centre, “started over a glass of chardonnay”. He was talking with
friends about their own experiences and the lack of support available for gay people.
“We were just sitting at my house talking about what we went through, and wondering why there
wasn’t an organisation or somewhere to go to,” he says.
“We figured we were all intelligent people, so why don’t we do something about it.”
After getting advice, Ian put together a group of people and formed Diversity ACT, with the view to
open a community service centre in Canberra so that LGBIT people who are at risk have somewhere
to turn. To get up and running, the group applied for government funding.
“None of us had ever done a written submission in our lives. So initially, we had to research how to
write a submission,” he says.
The group all took three weeks off study or work to put together the submission, and submitted it to
the ACT Government in July this year.
“The government really liked it, and we were given a $100,000 start-up grant plus a place to work out
of in Kambah,” he says.
To get up and running, the group held a ‘Coming Out’ gala to launch, which they organised in just four
“We had 720 people, including local and federal MPs.”
While organising the gala, Ian spoke with the United States ambassador who put Ian in contact with
Centerlink, an LGBIT organisation in the US.
Through this connection, Ian sent over a program that he developed as his major project for his
Diploma of Youth Studies at CIT, and this program has now been implemented by Centerlink.
Ian was also invited over to Centerlink’s conference in Richmond, Virginia. He flew over in
September, initially stopping in Los Angeles and visiting their LGBT centres.
Ian also found himself in the company of celebrity royalty, when he came face-to-face with Brad Pitt
and Angelina Jolie at a stage production.
“Brad was a bit standoffish, but Angelina was really lovely – she came over and introduced herself,”
he says.
After presenting his program at the conference in Richmond, Ian flew to Washington, where he had
lunch with the US President Barack Obama.
“It was nerve-wracking, but I felt honoured,” he said.
Ian credits his success to the support he has received through CIT.
“I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the teachers at CIT. The encouragement they give you is
huge,” he said.
Ian has now studied a swag of qualifications at CIT in community services, youth studies, alcohol and
other drugs, mental health, child protection, as well as the Advanced Diploma of Community Sector
He’s fast-tracked all of his study, achieving an average of a high distinction the whole way through.
“Not bad for a year 8 dropout,” he laughs.
“I just stuck my mind to it and achieved it.”
Ian will complete his studies in November this year, the same time the new community centre and
diversity hub is set to open.
“I’m just a humble student from CIT Woden and I’m quite ecstatic with what I’ve achieved and done.”
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Crafting the perfect moustache
It’s that time of year again – when men across the world carefully tend to their upper lips all in the
name of men’s health. A number of CIT staff shaved off their facial hair on 31 October and will spend
November carefully crafting their mo’s this year. In 2011, over 854,000 Mo Bros and Sistas around
the world raised over $124 million for prostate cancer and men’s mental health.
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Creative industries students shine at
CIT Momentum 2012
Different pockets of Canberra will come alive with creativity when CIT Momentum 2012 kicks off this
Spaced out over a month, the series of events will showcase this year’s graduating CIT creative
industries students in photography, visual arts, building design, interior design, graphic design, digital
media and music.
CIT Momentum 2012 kicks off with MICfest. On 22 November, the School Stars Band Competition will
launch a night of music, with the MICfest CD launch and music award ceremony. The music continues
on Friday 23 November, with an evening of entertainment from a string of CIT student bands.
Starting on 26 November, the work of CIT photography students will take over the foyer of the High
Court of Australia. On display will be the major projects from final year students, as well as a selection
of work from first and second year students.
On 1 December, the designs of the CIT graduating fashion students will take to the catwalk at
Westfield Belconnen, in one of the biggest nights in Canberra’s fashion calendar.
Finally from 5 - 12 December, the work from final year students in graphic design, digital media,
interior design, visual arts, building design and architectural drafting will be on show in the unique
Saraton Building in the Civic Bus Interchange. The space will be converted into a bustling streetscape
by the interior design students, complete with street signs, graffiti, and trees. The exhibition will also
include a series of animated film showreels.
Students have been involved in every step of organising the events, from fundraising, to securing
venues and generating publicity.
22 - 23 November: MICfest (Music Industry Centre,
J Block, CIT Woden)
26 November - 7 December: Photography Exhibition (High Court of Australia)
1 December: Fashion Parade KINETIC ticketed event (7:30pm for 8:30pm, Westfield Belconnen)
5 - 12 December: Design Exhibition (Saraton Building, East Row, Civic)
Sophisticated childishness
As the only male Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design) student at CIT, Mitchell Thompson has an
innovative and unique way of translating children’s colourful drawings into sophisticated menswear.
His childlike attitude to design is an important part of the philosophy behind his label, ‘Perpetually
Five’, which endeavours to be conceptual, but fun.
“Children today seem less childlike. Without a clear sense of childhood, there can be not a distinct
notion of adult hood,” Thompson said.
‘Perpetually Five’ sets out to redefine menswear by constantly providing new approaches to fashion,
thus building a cohesive bridge between fun and smart, dressy and casual.
Thompson, who is in his final year at CIT, encourages consumers to have fun with clothing and print.
“I put colour into my garments so that people have more fun with everyday life,” he said.
“There is a demographic of young men who want to express themselves through what they wear and
listen to.”
Thompson is also a DJ for Nite Society, which aims to sustain a culture for independent boutique
Senior lecturer in fashion and CIT’s only male fashion teacher, Steve Wright, understands the
challenges designers face to create innovative menswear.
“Canberra men are not catered for in regard to unique designs”.
“It is a challenge for designers to design for men, the most subtle changes can seem revolutionary.”
CIT produces a fine set of green innovations
Sustainable practice has become an integral part of the culture at CIT. CIT has implemented a
number of innovative energy, water and waste management saving initiatives and continues to push
the boundaries of environmental sustainability in a contemporary learning environment.
CIT Bruce is 100% self-sufficient in terms of water supply for irrigation needs, and does not use a
drop of town water. All rainwater is harvested from the rooftops and collected in purpose-built tanks,
and the run-off from the carpark, roads and grounds is collected in a 5.2 ML dam and used for
irrigation. Bore water is used for irrigation and as a back-up when dam and tank water is low. The
need for irrigation has also been greatly reduced by incorporating low-maintenance native plants in
the landscape design. The Raiders’ oval is even kept green using only bore water supplied from CIT
CIT as a whole has also more than halved its water usage within five years, and reduced its energy
usage by 14% within three years. Making simple but clever switches to better capture natural energy
and conserve generated energy has made a stunning difference to CIT’s carbon footprint. The
installation of solar panels on all campuses captures the natural energy from the sun, and window film
on windows reduces heat gain and loss. Automatic timers and movement detectors in classrooms
negate the need for the old reminder to ‘turn the lights off’, and all lights are eco-friendly varieties.
All of CIT’s sustainable initiatives are used together in CIT’s eco-building – the CIT Sustainable Skills
Training Hub. Showcasing cutting-edge green technology, including solar and wind turbine
generators, grey and black water recycling, the harnessing of waste heat and much more, this
innovative facility will be used to teach and inspire students for years to come.
The pioneering purpose-built building will help industry, governments and communities to meet the
challenges of climate change by providing workers with skills in sustainable practices.
Taking sustainability even further, sustainable work practices are built into all study areas of CIT. CIT
Fashion teacher Steve Wright brings leading-edge sustainable techniques in fashion design into the
classroom. Boldly challenging an industry where fashion trends change faster than the seasons, and
a culture that systemically exploits people and the environment along the design process, Steve urges
students to think about reducing wastage by using the whole piece of fabric in a design, and even
creating designs that can be unpicked and reformed into something else.
Students bringing film festival to life
A number of CIT creative industries students will help bring the 2012 Canberra International Film
Festival (CIFF) to life.
Now in its 16th year, the CIFF celebrates cinema across a 12-day program that showcases
extraordinary films from around the globe.
Media production students have created a range of video interviews of the festival director talking
about a number of the films, with the videos featuring on the film festival’s website.
The same team, in collaboration with CIT journalism students, will be gathering voxpops from
audience members about their opinions after two of the film screenings.
Sound students will also assist in running a series of Q and A sessions following screenings with the
director and actors, where audience members can ask questions.
The Canberra International Film Festival runs until 11 November.
For more visit
Yoga classes at CIT Reid
Improve your health and wellbeing with yoga classes at CIT Reid.
The classes run every Wednesday evening until 12 December, and are taught by Natalie, who is a
yoga Vidya teacher, chakra and prana healer.
Choose from two different types of classes:
6:15pm Sivananda - for the fitter or yoga experienced. The class is intended to tone and strengthen
all of the muscle groups of the body.
7:30pm Pavanamuktasana - for beginners. A gentle, non-competitive class with flowing tiny
movements connected to breathing.
CIT students and staff will receive discounted prices for classes.
Classes will be held in the Squash Court 1st Floor E Block (E129/E130 above the learning centre),
CIT Reid.
For more information contact Natalie on 0499 716 680 or or notify the CITSA
Office at CIT Reid to reserve your spot.
The Regional and Remote Area Program pilot
In September, 13 CIT community services students were given the opportunity to put their skills to the
test in the pilot Regional and Remote Area Program (RARAP).
The pilot saw the group, made up of certificate IV and diploma level students, working in Broken Hill,
far west NSW, and the Flinders Ranges in South Australia.
Students worked in small groups to undertake an exercise where they met and interviewed people
from a broad range of different community-based organisations, and explored different areas of the
city environs. They also attended a series of workshops and listened to a range of guest speakers.
The experience allowed students to gain hands-on experience, by meeting informally with a broad
cross section of people from Broken Hill, listening to them speak and interacting through Q and A
The pilot has not only opened up the way for future RARAPs, it has also formed a number of valuable
CIT student Margaret Power, who is a qualified chef has agreed to run a Cooking with Canned Foods
Project at Wilcannia after the only supermarket there closed its doors.
A number of students are putting together a ‘flying community development team’, members of which
will spend short term periods with various Broken Hill community-based organisations. Two students
also plan to base themselves in Broken Hill from January 2013 to work with community-based
Get in shape with CIT Fit & Well
Want to make a dent in those pesky extra winter kilos? According to Jaye Mackintosh, who is
completing CIT’s Diploma of Fitness, the squat could be your new best friend.
It’s one of the most functional and primitive exercises known to man – we even squat for 40 weeks in
the womb. As a compound exercise, using more than two muscle groups, it burns more calories. It
also increases joint flexibility in your hips, knees and ankles.
To avoid injury, make sure you:
- keep shoulders back and down, and your core engaged
- feet shoulder-width apart
- squat as far down as your range of movements permits without compromising posture
- keep your back straight and head up and facing forward – avoid hunching
- do not let your knees go further forward than your toes.
It’s easy to fit the squat into your everyday life – incorporate it when you sit down or pick up your
shopping. So get squatting and reap the benefits.
If you really want to get in shape, pro rata memberships are now available for the rest of 2012 at CIT
Fit & Well. A student run fitness facility, CIT Fit & Well has free parking available, and over 15 group
exercise classes a week. Located at CIT Bruce, the gym is open to the general public, CIT students
and staff. Opening Monday to Friday 6am to 8pm, and Saturday and Sunday 8am to 5pm.
CITSA’s John Hunter recognised
CIT Student Association’s John Hunter has received the Outstanding Contribution to Australian
Association of Campus Activities Award for his dedication to student events across the ACT.
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Access the CITSA Mobile Diary on the go, with on-campus information, news and events.Create your
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CIT happenings
22 - 23 Nov 2012
MICfest, CIT Music Industry Centre, J Block, CIT Woden
23 Nov 2012
Learning Options for Women Graduation
26 Nov - 7 Dec 2012
CIT Momentum 2012 Photography Exhibition, High Court of Australia
1 Dec 2012
Fashion Parade KINETIC, 7:30pm, Westfield Belconnen (ticketed event)
5 - 12 Dec 2012
Design Exhibition, Saraton Building, East Row, Civic Bus Interchange
11 Dec 2012
CIT International Graduation
14 Dec 2012
End of Semester 2, 2012
29 Jan 2013
Beginning of Semester 1, 2013