Georgia Power - Sparta Social Networks

Georgia Power
Largest subsidiary of Southern
Company, the biggest energy
company serving the Southeast
United States
 2.35 million customers
 10 million interactions per
 400 agents
 24x7 coverage
Solution Highlights
Increased Operational Efficiency
 Ensured the right amount of agents were scheduled at the right
time to achieve service level with minimal resources
 Standardized quality scorecard between the four operating
companies, establishing a common platform for measuring and
scoring representatives
 Identified and shared best practices across the enterprise
 Streamlined reporting processes, eliminating the need for
quality analysts to retrieve all evaluations to email to
supervisors and consultants
Improved Dispute Resolution and Escalations
 Recorded 100% of interactions to enable reconstruction of
situations and ease satisfactory resolution
NICE Solutions
 Workforce Management
 Interaction Recording
 Quality Management
Boosted Agent Performance and Satisfaction
 Monitored after-call work to eliminate usage of social
networking and other personal activities
 Provided desktop access for agents to review interactions and
 Increased first contact resolution through improved coaching
and monitoring methods
 Utilized NICE IEX Workforce Management forecasting to
identify intraday opportunities for employees to take time off
“NICE solutions have enabled us to align the agent’s understanding of his
performance with our business goals, resulting in significant gains in productivity and
operational efficiency.”
Rita Breen, Operations Manager, Georgia Power
 Boosted after-call
productivity through screen
capture review
 Enjoyed virtual call center
savings of more than
$300,000 annually
 Implemented off-peak
release program resulting in
$150,000 in annual savings
and boosted agent job
Electric Utility