Chapter 2 Cells to Systems

 What part of the cell allows some materials to
enter and other materials to exit?
What process do most cells use to get energy?
Red blood cells look like small, smooth, flexible
saucers. How does this shape help them
perform their function?
In what body part would you find cells with hair
like structures? What is their purpose?
What is the order of organization in an animal
from simplest to most complex?
 What makes up muscle tissue?
 Name the two organ systems that work
together to move the body.
A cell has branch-like structures. What organ did
this cell most likely come from?
What is the job of the mitochondria?
True or False. All plant and animal cells have a
cell membrane.
What type of cell makes up your skin?
 What is the name of a group of similar cells
working together to perform the same function?
 What part of the cell contains chromosomes
made of DNA?
 Name all the organs in your book that are found
in plants.
 What cellular structure acts like a stomach for
the cell?
 Name two systems that work with the muscle
system and explain how these systems work
 Cell, Tissue, Organ, Organ System, and
Organism: How do these structures work
 You will need to be able to identify the
difference between an animal and plant cell.