The Adventures of Huckleberry
Chapters 32-34
By Tianna Habosian and
Danielle Reilly
Chapter 32 Basic Events
• Huck arrives at the Phelps's house and gets circled by a
large group of dogs
• Aunt Sally comes out of the house and thinks that Huck is
Tom Sawyer
• Surprises Silas when he comes home from waiting for Tom
• Goes to town to get baggage
Chapter 32 Characters
• Huck-arrives at the Phelps's house and pretends to be Tom
• Aunt Sally-Mrs. Phelps, nice, welcoming, not knowing that
Huck is lying
• Silas Phelp- Aunt Sally's husband waits for Tom to get off the
• Tom Sawyer-Phelps's nephew who they are waiting for,
Huck's friend
• Lize, slave women and children- came out of house when
Huck was surrounded by the dogs
Chapter 32 Qoute
" I see I was in a fix now. But it warn't no use to worry; there
warn't nothing to do but just hold still, and try and be ready to
stand from under when the lightning struck."(Twain 198)
This show that Huck lied and got himself stuck in this situation
that he is the real Tom sawyer. he just has to stay eith the
lies until he can get out of it. Huck was about the tell the truth
because that worked out for him with Mary Jane but he never
got the time to.
Chapter 32 Quote
"You don't look as much like your mother as I reckoned you
would; but law sakes, I don't care for that, I'm so glad to see
you!"(Twain 196).
This shows that Aunt Sally did not even question that this was
not the real Tom Sawyer, but was so happy to see a boy come
to the house. It could of been a random stranger and she would
of taken them in because she was excited to have someone
Chapter 33 Basic Events
• Huck goes into the town to get baggage
• Meets Tom and tells him all about his situation
• Tom comes to the house after Huck and the family
welcomes him for dinner
• Tom tells aunt Sally he is Sid (Tom's
• Duke and Dauphin get tarred and
Chapter 33 Characters
• Huck- Finds Tom and makes him help him
• Aunt sally and Silas- Phelps family, don't know Huck is lying
• Tom Sawyer- pretends to be William Thompson from
Hicksville, Ohio
• Jimmy and Lize- Phelps's children, get the table ready and
food for Tom and Huck
• Duke and Dauphin- They are seen being tarred and
feathered by the town.
Chapter 33 Quote
"Well, I let go all holts them, like I was shot. It was the most
astonishing speech I ever heard-and I'm bound to say Tom
Sawyer fell considerable in my estimation. Only I couldn't
believe it. Tom Sawyer a slave-stealer!"(Twain 202).
This expreses that Tom is open to helping Huck free Jim from
the family. This also shows that he would not care what other
people think is right to do and how slave should be slaves and
not allowed to be free like everyone else.
Chapter 33 Quote:
"So we poked along back home, and I warn't feeling so brash
as I was before, but kind of ornery, and humble, and to blame
somehow-though I hadn't done nothing."(Twain 206)
This shows another way of how Huck has changed since the
beginning of the novel. He is caring for these people who have
just been killed even though they were so greedy and sold Jim
to the Phelps, which is why Huck is in his predicament with Tom
Chapter 34 Basic Events
• Huck and Tom discuss where Jim is to start the escape.
• They decide to use Tom's plan because Huck new it would
only work that way.
• Again Tom decides to use his plan of digging
Jim out because it is more complicated than
Huck's idea.
• They find Jim and have to lie to the other
man saying they have never seen him before
and it works.
Chapter 34 Characters:
Huck: Sticks with Tom and listens to all of his plans instead of
taking initiative
Tom: Makes all the plans to get Jim out he doesn't let Huck get
a word in about the escape.
Jim: Becomes very excited when he sees Huck and Tom and
when they tell him they will get him out.
The other slave: He feeds Jim and says that witches are always
messing with him
Chapter 34 Quote:
" But I knowed mighty well that whenever he got his plan ready
it wouldn't have none of them objections to it"(Twain,208)
This quote is said by Huck, it shows how he is being pushed
around by Tom. Huck had a perfectly good plan to get Jim out
and rescue him however Tom says he wants to make it more
difficult so it will take longer up to a week long. Huck doesn't
say anything because he know Tom will still do it the way he
Chapter 34 Quote:
"In the morning we was up at break of day, and down to
the slave cabins to pet the dogs and make friends with
the slave that fed Jim- if it was Jim that was being fed. The
slaves was just getting through breakfast and starting for the
fields and Jim's slave was piling up a tin pan with bread and
meat and things"(Twain, 210).
This quotation shows Huck and how he is still very racist. Tom
may be the reason as to why this is happening. Huck looks up
to Tom but Tom has still not matured as much as Huck has and
this has an effect on him.
Do not stop doing what you think is right although someone
else might think its wrong.
-Huck is not giving up on saving Jim and he is starting to
mature to the level that he does not care what the other people
might think. If he thinks its right then he should try his best to
make it happen.
Be yourself
- Huck is changing his ways. He has made a lot of progress
throughout the novel of not being racist, however because
Huck looks up to Tom he is letting him push him around and is
beginning to go back to his old ways.
Why do you think Huck is letting Tom push him around and why
isn't he saying anything? Do you think Huck will speak up for
himself in the next few chapters?
Do you think that Huck, Tom and Jim will get far? Why do you
think that they wouldn't just do the plan that is easier even
though it wasn't fancy?