Welcome to
Utah Studies
Unit 0: Utah
Bell Activity – Aug. 20, 2014
Find your name card on one of the
desk. This will be your seat for the
first two weeks or so.
Take one of the white papers on the
brown shelf at the front of the room.
Return to your seat and fill the paper
out while Ms. Thatcher takes
Today we will learn…
History Objective –
We will be able to
describe what we
will learn about in
Utah Studies.
Language Objective –
We will be able to
name seven things
we learned at the end
of the day.
• Behavior Objective – Courtesy and Respect:
Listen politely and raise your hands to ask a
question or make a comment.
Policies and Procedures
Over the first full week of school, we
will learn about the policies and
procedures of this class.
We will do a few items each day and
there will be a quiz (for prizes) when
we finish.
How do we begin class?
Everyday there will be a bell activity
to complete within the first five
minutes. Some will be writing
prompts, others brainstorming, and
still others reviews, but for the most
part they will be vocabulary (which
you will learn how to do next week).
These will be turned in for points .
When you are absent, you will need
to make them up by coming in during
Peak, after school or doing by doing
them at home.
Can we have backpacks in
Yes, as long as they are put under
your table where I and others will not
trip on them.
If the majority of the class cannot
remember where their backpacks go
by the end of the first 6 weeks, they
will be placed in a designated area or
banned from class.
Please do your best to remember.
What do I do if I don’t have a
You have three choices:
– You can borrow one from a friend.
– You can check the abandoned pencil
box for one.
– Or you can buy one from Ms. Thatcher
for 5¢ (plain yellow), 25¢ (colorful) or
50¢ (mechanical).
What burning questions do you have
about this class!?
Personal Circle Map
Take out a piece of paper. Put your name, hour and
the date at the top, like the example at the front of the
Draw a circle map with your name in the center
In the outer circle, write things about yourself you can
share with other people in the class.
The more things you write, the more likely you will get
treats for this activity!
When Ms. Thatcher starts the timer, walk around and
talk to other students. If you both have the same thing
listed, circle it and have the student write their name at
the bottom of you paper. Collect as many signatures
as you can!
Personal Circle Map
6. The best movie I've seen recently is
7. My favorite movie of all time is
8. My favorite TV show is
9. My favorite type of music is
10. My favorite band/singer is _______________
11. My favorite type of book is ______________
12. My favorite book of all time is ____________
13. One thing I feel I do very well is
14. My favorite subject last year was ___________
Least favorite? __________________
15. The elementary school I attended was _________
16. When I have free time, I like to
17. If I could go anywhere I would love to go to
18. One of the things I like best about myself is
19. I actually know a lot about _______________
20. Three adjectives that describe my personality are:
(a) ___________ (b) ___________ (c) ___________
21. I think I might be interested in a career in
22. Three personality traits that describe my favorite
type of teacher:
(a) ___________ (b) ___________ (c) ___________
23. My grades are usually _____________________
24. If my grade drops below _________, I would my
teacher to ______________________________
25. The coolest thing I have ever learned about in
history/geography was ______________________
I like that topic because ______________________
Bell Activity – Aug. 24, 2015
Pick up the tan paper from the front
table and your ‘First Day
Take out your circle map from last
week, and work on your questionnaire
or you can start reading your new
activity: “How Well Do You Know
To be on time, you will need all of
these materials on your desk and to be
working on one of them when the bell
finishes ringing.
Today we will learn…
History Objective –
We will identify
some of the
symbols of Utah,
and locate the 29
counties that are a
part of Utah (if
there is time).
Language Objective
– We will listen for
• Behavior Objective Collaborate with a group of classmates to
discover fun facts about Utah.
Policies and Procedures
Over the first full week of school, we
will learn about the policies and
procedures of this class.
We will do a few items each day and
there will be a quiz (for prizes) when
we finish.
What do I do if I missed a
day of school?
Papers for absent students will be put in
the tray hanging over the electric pencil
When I can, I will put names on these
After a week they will go into the last bin.
I do not print extra copies of assignments.
If you lose yours you will need to print out
a new one at home, or pay to print a new
one here at school (25¢).
Where do I turn in
The slots at the front of the room are for
turning materials in.
You will be assigned a box that will be
yours until the end of the year, but it is
only for turning in homework. If something
is late put it in the late tray on my desk.
Follow directions to turn in your homework,
but keep your bell activity.
Trivia and Symbols of Utah
We will frequently work in groups to learn
about a topic in Utah history.
Today, your goal is to work with your
group to discover as many answers to
questions as you possibly can.
There are orange stars around the room
to help you find answers to questions.
Some answers can be found using the
index in our books or on the student
Work together as a team to get done first.
The first group done gets a treat!
And the answers are…
1) Salt Lake City
2) Herbert
3) Great Salt Lake
4) salt
5) Quaking aspen
6) California gull
7) Sego lily
8) Utah, We Love Thee
9) Utah, This is the Place
10) I15
11) Idaho
12) Provo
13) King’s Peak
14) Uintah Mts.
15) Bear Lake
16) Hill Air Force Base
17) Fremont / Anasazi /
Paleo / Archaic
18) Saltaire
19) Lagoon
20) Delicate arch
21) Mining
22) 29
23) 1896
24) beehive
25) 1847
And the answers are…
26) beaver
27) Colorado R.
28) Transcontinental
29) TV
30) Greatest Snow on Earth
31) Real
32) brine shrimp
33) Handcart
34) 2
35) Winter Olympics
36) Bonneville cutthroat
37) Dutch oven
38) Ralph Becker
39) Malone & Stockton
40) Zions Nat. Park
41) Craig Petersen
42) Bishop, Love, Chaffetz,
43) schools, roads, etc
44) Hayward, Exum, Milsap
45) cabinet
And the answers are…
Put away your pencils, and take out a
red pen.
If you don’t have one, you can borrow one of
If you missed an answer, fill it in with the
red pen.
If it was wrong, fix it with the red pen.
As long as you have the correct answer,
you will get credit for the activity.
How long have you lived in
Before we go onto the next
assignment, I need to know how long
you have lived in Utah?
– Less than a year = -1
– 1-5 years
– 5 or more years = 5+
How well do you know Utah?
Now we will see just what you know
about this state.
This is a competition, so protect your
Also, the answers must be written in