Distance Learning - Bucks County Community College

Distance Learning - PreCalculus
Math 125
Course Orientation
Dr. E. Fitt
Bucks County Community College
Distance Learning is not for everyone
You must be self-motivated!
You should be able to access the Internet.
You should be willing to spend time on
learning course material.
For students who possess these qualities, welcome
to the world of distance-learning where you can
learn at your own pace in your own time frame and
your own space. The advantages are infinite.
How to succeed at distance-learning mathematics
Do one section at a time.
Allow 3 hours per section.
• Read the text section and follow the examples. Keep a
notebook and write out any definitions, rules or
formulas. Be sure to understand the symbols used.
• Do the corresponding Try-It-Yourself problem for each
• Watch the video lesson on CourseCompass. Use pencil
and paper and follow the lesson as you would in a class.
Take notes! Rewind or fast forward if you need to.
Where to find specifics
Refer to the Basic Course Information sheet for more specific information
on grading.
Use the assignment sheet as a guideline for problems. The best way to
learn math is to do problems.
You will find online homework for each section in CourseCompass.
Online homework will count equal to one grade.
Take the quizzes at intervals indicated on the assignment sheet. (first do a
practice quiz). Take the first quiz early. It contain material you already
know. It will help you get acquainted with the online quiz taking.
Check your email often for messages. Stay in contact with me. Let me
know how you are progressing.
Doing assignments
Attempt the section problems from the text listed
on your assignment sheet.Check your answers, and
see if you can fix the incorrect ones.
2. Email me at [email protected] with questions when
you are confused. Your questions will help others
in the class as well. In the subject space, include
the name of your course (i.e. MATH 125.59).
Please include your full name.
3. Help is available in the Tutoring Center in the
Library.You can go there or call 215-968-8217 or
215-968-8307 during hours it is open.
When you finish a section
1. Repeat steps given for all the listed sections in
a chapter
2. Also do the assigned homework problems in
3. Repeat for all sections for each chapter quiz.
4. Try the practice quiz. If you are not happy with
the results of the practice quiz, watch the
videos, do more problems or get help. When
you feel ready, take the chapter quiz.
When you are ready for a test
For this course there are 6 online chapter
quizzes, online homework, 4 proctored online
tests and a final examination. Go to a testing
center and take the proctored tests and exam.
Check on available times and give yourself
sufficient time to comfortably do the test.
2. Take the test and submit it. I will check the
grade on your test and make any adjustments
in the CourseCompass grade book.
3. Deadlines are flexible but pay attention to
them so you will stay on track.
Course Compass
CourseCompass is the Internet management system
you will use in this course.
You will take quizzes, do homework, watch videos,
have access to course correspondences and access the
student solution manual thorough CourseCompass.
You will need to register into your section if you
haven’t done so already. Go to the next slide for
Registering for Course Compass
You need an individual access code.
Access codes are packaged free with new texts or can
be bought over the Internet with a credit card. The
code will be sent immediately.
The course code for Spring 2010 distance learning is
fitt13473. The code for the Spring 2010 on-campus
course is fitt14027.
The text is Precalculus Enhanced with Graphing
Utilities, Custom Edition by Sullivan and Sullivan.
Register for CourseCompass
Go to http://www.coursecompass.com
Registration is only
Done one time
CourseCompass registration
Be sure your email address is
correctly entered.
The course ID for Spring 10 DL is
fitt13473; on-campus is fitt14027.
 You need an individual access
code. It is packaged free with new
texts or can be bought at this time.
The code will be sent by email.
CourseCompass registration
If you used
CourseCompass in
another course, just
log on.
Bucks County Community College zip is 18940
Once you have registered, go into
CourseCompass. Your first step is to run the
MyMathLab Installation Wizard. The
wizard walks you through installing the plugins and players you need to access the
multimedia content in your course.
Be sure that you allow popups on the site. CourseCompass must
be designated as a trusted site.
Check List
Obtain the course textbook Precalculus Enhanced with Graphing Utilities,
Custom Edition by Sullivan and Sullivan. A new text is packaged with the access
Access CourseCompass and sign on . Be sure the email address you give is
Download the plug-Ins necessary to use your Internet tool.
Allow popups for the CourseCompass site
Explore CourseCompass to locate materials
Do the first homework assignment online. Take the first practice quiz with
Print out the Assignment sheet from Dr Fitt’s Web Page or from Course
Send an email to Dr. Fitt at [email protected] with any questions about the class.
Begin to work on reading the text, following the examples and doing the
assigned problems.