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Mountains in the Sea Reading Questions
(National Geographic -September 2012)
Please answer the following questions using the IQIA method on a separate piece of paper.
1. What parts of the submersible DeepSee keep the passengers safe?
2. What is the name of the seamount that is the DeepSee’s destination?
3. Where is the seamount’s location?
4. How do seamounts form?
5. What elements/circumstances did the DeepSee team brave during the seven days studying the
6. Using the Tour of a Seamount figure, what are the similarities and differences between oceanic
and terrestrial mountains?
7. Using the Tour of a Seamount figure, how are currents and migrating organisms affected by a
8. Using the Life on a Mount figure, what is the scientific name of the deepwater bigeye shrimp?
9. What place in the universe is mapped in more detail than the remotest parts of the ocean floor?
10. Among the teeming life [of a seamount] there might be new species that could produce new
chemical compounds that could do what?
11. What kind of devastation can deep sea trawler nets have on life around sea mounts?
12. What is the photic zone?
13. Which parts of the DeepSea help keep the submersible in position over the sea floor?
14. How many hours can the DeepSee stay down in one dive?
15. In addition to deep sea trawler nets, what else has had a large impact on the ecosystems around
sea mounts?