Topography Challenge


Name: _____________________

Ocean Topography Challenge

Use an appropriate Internet resource to help you define the following terms:

Continental Shelf:

Continental Slope:

Continental Rise:

Subduction Zone:

Abyssal Plain:

Deep Sea Trench:

Sea Floor Spreading:

Volcanic Island:


Draw an original topographical diagram (in Fireworks) of the ocean floor. Include the following: (Check off each item below as you complete the task)

 Continental Shelf

 Continental Slope

 Continental Rise

 Subduction Zone

 Abyssal Plain

 Deep Sea Trench

 Sea Floor Spreading

 Volcanic Island

 Seamount

 Labels for each part of your diagram

 A title

Name: _____________________

 Your name

 Print and turn in this worksheet and your diagram.

If you have extra time, use Oceans Alive: Looking at the Sea to help you to find the answers to the following questions about the physical features of the ocean.

(Don’t worry about complete sentences, but feel free to add any additional information that you find interesting)

What is the tallest mountain on our planet? (include height and location)

What is the deepest part of the ocean? (include depth and location)

What is the largest physical feature of the Earth? (include length and location)

Use the GeoMap application to explore these features.