Scout Snipers in the USMC

Scout Snipers in the USMC
Briana Riley Nagel
What is a Scout Sniper?
A USMC Scout Sniper is a Marine,
highly skilled in field craft and
marksmanship, that will deliver longrange precision fire on selected
targets, from concealed positions, in
support of combat operations.
What is a Scout Sniper Team?
A USMC Scout Sniper Team is a detachment of
one or more sniper teams performing an
assigned task of engaging selected targets,
targets of opportunity, collecting and reporting
information, or a combination of all,
contributing to the accomplishment of the
supported unit's mission.
Getting into The Marines
• Take and pass the AFQT with AT LEAST a
score of 32 (some jobs may require higher)
• Applicants may be 17-29 (if under 18, need
parental consent to enlist)
• MUST be a Legal US Citizen
• MUST pass a criminal background check and
have no felony convictions
Getting into The Marines
• MUST be fit enough to pass a physical before
Basic Training and not have disqualifying
• You MUST possess a high school diploma
• You MUST have 20/400 or 20/200 vision
corrected to 20/20 with glasses or contact
• Stands for Armed Forces Qualification Test
• It’s questions that tests your English, Math,
Science and other basic skills
– You can take it when your in highschool or
• It is important and tells you what different
jobs you can have in the military based off of
your scores
Examples of USMC Jobs
Required AFQT Score
GT (General Technician) - 80
Machine Gunner
GT (General Technician) - 80
EL (Electronics) - 90
Combat Engineer
MM (Mechanical Maintenance) 95
Military Police
GT (General Technician) - 100
Flight Equipt. Tech.
MM (Mechanical Maintenance) 105
GT (General Technician) - 80
History of the Marine Corps
• November 10th, 1775 The Marines were
• The Flag The Marines use today has been the
same one used since January of 1939
• Scarlet and Gold were established as The
Marines Corps colors as early as 1925
• The Eagle, Globe and Anchor emblem have
been part of the Marine Corps iconography
since 1868
History of The Marine Corps Flag
• The Eagle, Globe and
Anchor emblem is
rendered in gray and gold
over the scarlet
• The ribbon flowing from
the eagle's beak bears the
motto: Semper Fidelis
• The words "United States
Marine Corps" are found
on the scroll below
History of the Marine Corps
• Flown at ceremonies and installations
– Presented by the All-Marine Color Guard
• The Marine Corps flag hangs in important
– President of the United States
– Secretary of Defense
– Secretary of the Navy
– Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
– Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Scout Sniper Requirements
• Need to be one of the top three shooters in
their battalion
• MUST be AT LEAST the rank of Lance
• MUST complete an approved Scout Sniper
• MUST have an Infantry MOS (Military
Occupational Specialty)
• MUST pass PFT with a high 1st class
Scout Sniper Requirements
• MUST pass swimming qualification to earn
the designation of 2nd class swimmer with no
signs of panic
• MUST Have vision that can be corrected to
• MUST complete infantry training after basic
• MUST score 100 or better on the General
Technical part of the ASVAB
Scout Sniper Requirements
• MUST have no court martial or nonjudicial
punishment (NJP) for the past 6 months and
have no history of psychiatric illness
• MUST be selected by your battalion or unit for
sniper school
• MUST take courses at the Marine Corps
Institute (MCI) such as Land Navigation,
Patrolling or Reconnaissance Marine (It is also
recommended to have practice in basic scout
sniper skills)
Scout Sniper Req. Summary
• 12 requirements
• ALL must be meet
• Most require advance training
• No mental illness
• Stands for Military Occupational Specialty
• Different scores on the AFQT will make you
eligible for different jobs
• Examples:
–Scout Sniper 0317
–Military Police 5811
–Logistics Vehicle System Operator 3533
• Stands for Physical Fitness Testing
• Everyone has to pass Basic Training
to get into the Marines then once a
year minimum they have to take a
PT test
Marine Corps Institute
• Located in the historic Washington
Navy Yard at Washington D.C.
• Commonly referred to as MCI
• Develops/maintains a curriculum of
Marine Corps education
MCI (Cont.)
• Subjects include:
–Infantry strategy/tactics
–Leadership skills
–MOS qualifications
–Personal finance
MCI (Cont.)
• Completion of MCI courses is
generally required for promotion to
the next Marine enlisted rank.
Non-Judicial Punishment (NJP)
● The United States Armed Forces form of
military justice
○ Authorized by Article 15 of the Uniform
Code of Military Justice
● Permits commanders to administratively
discipline troops without a court-martial
● Governed by Part V of the Manual for CourtsMartial and by service branch regulations.
NJP (cont.)
● Punishment can range from:
○ Reprimand to reduction in rank
○ Correctional custody
○ Confinement on bread and
water/diminished rations (aboard ships
○ Loss of pay
○ Extra duty
○ Restrictions
NJP (cont.)
• Does not constitute a criminal conviction (it's
equivalent to a civil action)
– Often placed in the service record of the
Scout Snipers
• Primary missions: Conduct close
reconnaissance and surveillance operations to
gain intelligence on enemy and terrain
• Highly skilled in fieldcraft and marksmanship
• Supports combat operations
• Conducts operations from concealed positions
• Usually work in two people teams
Scout Sniper Jobs
• Spotter:
– Detects, observes, confirms sniper targets
– Calculates range and conditions on target
– Conducts reconnaissance and surveillance
• Sniper:
– Delivers long-range precision fires on
– Conducts reconnaissance and surveillance
Choice of Weapon
• Use different weapons based on situation
• “Basic” sniper rifle: M40 in 7.62x51 NATO
– Based on the Remington 700
– Bolt-action
• Marksman Rifle: M39 Enhanced Marksman
Rifle in 7.62x51 NATO
– A heavily dressed up M14
– Semi-automatic
Choice of Weapon
• Sniper Rifle: M107
– Same rifle Barret sells commercially (M82)
– Fires the 12.7x99 cartridge (.50 BMG)
• Assault Weapon: M16 in 5.56x45 NATO
– Mainly not used as a primary weapon
• Secondary weapon: M9 in 9×19mm
– Semi-Automatic
Lance Corporal
● Pay-grade level: E-3
○ Starting: $1,730 per month
○ Max: $1,950 per month after 3 years
● Promotion to Lance Corporal is based on
○ Time in grade
○ Time in service
○ Conduct of the Marine
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