Central Middle School Traffic (B)

October 8, 2013
Dear Parents/Guardians:
Our first day at the new Central Middle School building will be Monday, October 21st.
Students will report to school in the current Central building and assemble in their homerooms.
After a brief closing ceremony at 1012 Hancock Street, Mayor Koch, Superintendent
DeCristofaro, Principal Fay-Beers, and school staff will escort the students as they walk up
Hancock Street to 875 Hancock, the address of the new Central Middle School. More details
will follow as the opening day for the new building approaches.
The transition to the new Central building will be completed largely during after-school and
weekend hours over the next couple of weeks. Each teacher has spent part of a school day in
their new classrooms and their regular classes were covered by substitute teachers. Our regular
building substitutes were utilized to cover these classes as they are familiar with the curriculum
and our students.
As we open our new Central Middle School, student safety is our primary concern. The main
entrance of the new school is located on St. Ann Road, which will be one-way from 7:30 am to
8:30 am and 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm on school days. (On early release Tuesdays, between 11:30 am
and 12:30 pm.) The pattern of the one-way traffic flow on St. Ann Road for drop off and pick up
of students will be from Old Colony Avenue east towards Hancock Street and Veterans
Memorial Stadium.
Student drop off will be on both sides of the street along the sidewalk side ONLY. After
dropping off students, vehicles will exit from St. Ann Road after pausing for the traffic signal at
Hancock Street. There will be no student drop off in the staff parking area unless there is a
special situation that warrants approval by the school administration.
The MBTA buses will operate on a similar schedule as for the previous Central location.
Information about new bus stop locations will be shared prior to the opening day.
Seven Quincy Police Department Traffic Supervisors are assigned to assist students walking to
school to cross at busy intersections:
 Hancock Street at St. Ann Road
 Hancock Street at Merrymount Parkway
 Hancock Street at Standish Avenue
 Newport Avenue at Willow Street/Tunnel
 Newport Avenue and Beale Street
 Old Colony Avenue at Standish Avenue
 Adams Street at Newport Avenue
 Students will enter Central Middle School from the school’s front door on St. Ann Road.
In case of rain or snow, students will be directed to the gymnasium or cafeteria to wait for
the opening bell.
 Students will be dismissed from the front door and side door on St. Ann Road.
 Students should not arrive at school prior to 8:00 am unless they are signed up for a
before-school activity. A staff member will be at the front door to admit students for
before-school activities.
 Students should always cross at street corners or marked crosswalks and remind them to
utilize traffic signals and activate the “WALK” signal before crossing whenever
 Please respect our neighbors on St. Ann Road, Hancock Street, and all surrounding side
streets: do not block driveways at any time.
 Right turns are not permitted at the intersection of Old Colony Avenue and St. Ann Road.
This section of Oval Road is a Private Way and not for school travel.
Please call Central Middle School if you have any questions about the transition to our new
location. Central Middle School’s main telephone number will remain 617.984.8725.
The success of this plan depends on our partnership with you and this partnership will help keep
our children safe.
Jennifer Fay-Beers