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Company Profile
Membership180 was launched April 1, 2012 out of what we felt was a real
need in the membership business. Over the last five years, Chambers of
Commerce have been forced to look at themselves with new eyes. They
have had to look directly and intently at exactly what value they offer to
the membership. They have had to come to terms with the reality that it’s
not enough anymore to just host great networking events, they MUST be
engaging in specific ways that meet the needs of the entire business
community even if they AREN’T members of the Chamber. They have had
to realize that engagement does NOT equal participation. Conversation
after conversation with colleagues resulted in the knowledge that bringing
in new members but not getting to the bottom of why they came to the
table and losing them again in twelve months, was an outdated model and
that it was time to turn in a new direction.
Membership180 brings a team of diverse and very complimentary skills to
the table for your organization. Jay Handler has a significant background
in sales, marketing and social media and has spent the last five years as a
trainer, consultant and speaker in the Chamber and non-profit space on
these topics and many others. Together they have built a business based
on content and education that provides real solutions to sustainable
The Membership180 goal for a campaign is not to recruit a huge number of
new members and then leave you to deal with them. We are heavily
invested in helping you bring them in, but also in arming your team, from
professional staff through volunteers, so that when the campaign is
complete you know EXACTLY what needs to be done to retain them as
permanent members of your organization. It's the difference between
renting members for a year (fundraising) and long-term, sustainable
growth!! It’s a triple bottom line; recruitment, engagement and retention!!
About the Team
Jay Handler
Jay Handler is the co-founder & director of Membership180, and a
sought-after speaker, trainer & consultant. Jay’s diverse client list
includes State Chamber Associations and SAE’s across the US (WACE,
Louisiana, Oklahoma, the Carolinas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Georgia
and Minnesota Associations of Chamber Executives to name a few),
small businesses, corporate brands, Associations, and non-profits. He’s
spoken for or consulted domestically with Comcast Business Class, the
National Kitchen and Bath Association, the North Carolina Water
Environment Association, and internationally with the PakistanAfghanistan Joint Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the Center for
International Private Enterprise and the Engage Mexico social media
conference in Puerto Vallarta.
Additionally, Jay is a faculty member for the US Chamber’s Institute for
Organization Management. Aside from Membership180’s core business,
he offers training in sales, marketing, communications, generational
shift and social media.
[email protected]
(866) 960 9789 ext. 102
Once the contract is executed we begin the process of getting to
know you. We use BaseCamp for our project management and
provide you with a list of documents to upload that will help us with
this discovery. This includes campaign goals, retention rate,
membership demographics (geography and industry),
achievements, annual report, penetration rate, identified
industry targets, and so on.
Campaign At A Glance
First Visit
Our first on-site visit is approximately 30-45 days out from
the campaign. At this visit we want to meet with your
Board, Staff, your recruited Campaign Chairmen and your
communications staff along with a newly formed “social
media ambassador team”.
Second Visit
Our second on-site visit is approximately 15-30 days out
from the campaign. At this visit we will have our Captain’s
meeting, Ambassador training (they will serve as “runners”
for the campaign) and again with staff. The staff meeting
will focus on the actual campaign process and go over
individual roles and tasks leading up to and then during the
Event Week
Tuesday and Wednesday of event week is divided into four
calling shifts. Each of these shifts starts with a training
session for volunteers. On Thursday morning we host an
Engagement Workshop with staff, Ambassadors,
Membership Committee, and interested Board members.
The remainder of the day is spent with runners collecting
final payments and delivering packets. We conclude the
event at 4:00.
A campaign customized for YOUR chamber,
inspired and empowered staff, more engaged
volunteers and new members who stay
Campaign Structure
Each campaign, regardless of size, is organized in the same manner. Once your
contract is signed and your goals have been established, we will determine the
number of shifts you need to accomplish those goals AND the number of
volunteers it will take to succeed.
You will recruit Shift Chairmen who will lead their team throughout the process
AND during the actual shift they have chosen to work. The number of Chairmen we
need will depend on goals established for the campaign. The estimated conversion
rate we use is about 1.2 new members per volunteer. Over recruiting by AT LEAST
20% is a must to compensate for last minute absences. This ALWAYS happens. So
we take the goal number divide by 1.2 and then multiply by 20% for a realistic
number of volunteers. NOTE: If you do not follow this formula and the total
volunteers for a shift are fewer than 20, your estimated conversion rate
will go down to .85%.
For Example:
You have a goal of 200 new members.
We need AT LEAST 166 callers for the event to reach the goal.
Over recruit by 20% for an additional 33 callers.
This gives us a total of 199 recruited volunteers (they WILL NOT all show up).
There are four, three-hour shifts.
Below is a generic flow chart for each shift. If you have more than one Chairman
and if you over recruit at the other levels, the numbers will change accordingly.
Shift Chairman Recruits
5 Team Captains
TOTAL Volunteers: 5 (per Chair)
Team Captains Recruits
5 Team Members Each
TOTAL Volunteers: 25 (per
Total Shift Volunteers =31
(Chair + Captain + Team)
(Multiply this by 2 if you have 2 Chairmen for
each shift)
Roles and Responsibilities
Visible, engaged CEO.
Assign staff to roles outlined in manual.
Determine a goal for the campaign (Goal = “X”).
Recruit and manage total number of volunteers determined by the
campaign goal (Volunteer Total = “X”/1.2).
Print and supply all materials as outlined.
Providing adequate facilities with outlined parameters for all
designated events.
Make travel arrangements for M180 team.
Follow M180 manual guidelines.
Membership180 Team
Provide a manual and ongoing communication regarding tasks and
timeline as described in the manual.
Conduct campaign meetings and provide training to include:
Discovery phase; analysis and conversations with organization
CEO and leadership .
First visit meetings with the Board of Directors, Staff and
Chairmen, set up Social Media Ambassador Team.
Second visit meetings with Staff, Ambassadors, Chairs and
Three day campaign.
Engagement Workshop (day 3).
Provide CHAMBER with follow up report.
Follow up calls to check on post campaign results and goal
Fee Structure
Client is responsible for all Membership180 team travel expenses (air fare, hotel,
car rental; or mileage reimbursement for drivable destinations, at the federal
rate of 55.5 cents/mile)
Revenue share paid at the end of the campaign is 33% of total revenue.
Your fee includes:
Program customized to your organization
Board presentation
Staff training
Volunteer training
Development of a “social media ambassador” team
Ambassador training
Retention Workshop
Final Report with campaign results and workshop details and goals
Follow up support from Membership180 team
Retention Packages
At Membership180 we believe in helping you keep the new members you are recruiting
during your campaign. It is typical that if you retain a member for three years you
are positioned to keep them long term. With that in mind we offer a one or two year
partnership to assist you in that success!!!
Plan A: Additional 3% (total 36% of total revenue at the end of the campaign) +travel
Regular follow up on retention goals with membership staff during the 8 months
following the campaign.
9 months after membership campaign, Membership180 team returns for a retention
event before the campaign recruits first renewal.
Plan B: Additional 5% (total 38% of total revenue at the end of the campaign) +travel
Regular follow up on retention goals with membership staff during the 8 months
following the campaign.
9 months after membership campaign, Membership180 team returns for a retention
event before the campaign recruits first renewal.
Continued follow up with membership staff.
21 months after membership campaign, Membership180 team returns for a
retention event before campaign recruits second renewal.
In addition to expenses the client is responsible for a minimum of $5000 on the
campaign. A $2500 deposit is invoiced along with the contract. This deposit is
subtracted from your final invoice at the end of the campaign.
Whichever program you choose, your percentage is calculated on the campaign
and an invoice issued at the end of day three for your payment. The Chamber
is not responsible for any commission on members that come in after the
campaign. With the retention packages you basically have M180 on retainer
for the length of your contract per the outline above at no additional cost
except for travel.
This is a sample timeline. We establish this timeline with the Chamber when the contract is
signed. The design of the meeting schedule is determined by what works best for each
Begins with
execution of
Via Phone/email/support
M180 Team
First Visit
May 14, 2014
Chamber Staff
Chair Meeting
Chairmen, Chamber Staff,
Social Media Team,
Campaign Program Mgr.,
Communications staff
Second Visit
June 2 , 2014
Captain Meeting
Chamber Staff, CEO
Ambassador Training
Campaign staff (Chamber +
working lunch
Event Day 1 & 2
June 17-18,
Shift 1:
Shift 2:
Shifts made up of Chairmen,
Captains and their teams.
Ambassador runners for
each shift.
Event Day 3
June 19, 2014
Retention Workshop
Membership Committee
Interested BOD members
Ambassador Runners
continue to pick up
remaining payments and
drop off new packets in
Runner Shift 1:
Runner Shift 2:
Final Report
Two weeks
Emailed to
Chamber CEO
We believe that the actual campaign is only the beginning of this
process. We want to see you keep the members you have recruited
during the campaign. Sustainable growth does NOT happen if you keep
filling the bucket, but there is hole in the bottom. In order to set you
on the path to engaged and retained membership, we host an
Engagement Workshop at 9:00 am on the third day of the campaign.
We spend about an hour and a half deciding just what will happen
next! This is truly one of the most powerful components of the
Who Attends?
All Staff
Membership Committee
Interested Board Members
What do we cover in the workshop?
What do we currently do for retention?
What are we willing to do to keep them engaged?
What does engagement mean?
Who is responsible for membership retention?
Are we effectively using collected data?
What’s missing?
What are industry best practices?
What are our top priorities going forward?
We wrap all of the work from this event into your final report and then
in three months we are on the phone with you to make sure you are
working the plan!
Recruitment Strategy
We employ a strategy that we feel creates a culture for success in your
campaign. We ask staff to generate a spread sheet of businesses that should
be a member, but currently aren’t. This list may already exist or be in process.
Because our campaigns are built on relationship marketing, we use the
relationships of our campaign volunteers to leverage these member prospects.
We take your spreadsheet to the Captain’s meeting and have them rate their
connection to the owner or decision maker of businesses they recognize on the
list. We then take that list and assign the volunteer who has the strongest
relationship to make the call on that prospect. This list is protected in the
weeks leading up to the campaign allowing them time to work on their
assignments. Anything not completed by the actual campaign will be opened
up at that time.
Social Media Ambassador Team
This has become a very successful tool for our clients. We coach you through
recruiting a team of social “sneezers” in your community who can take the
Chamber’s message and share it in their own voice which broadens your
footprint in the community!
Added Value
Return on Investment is Multi-level
Your message is articulated to Board, Ambassadors, Staff and volunteers.
There is a renewed sense of pride and ownership in your Chamber.
A huge group of volunteers are educated on just what your Chamber does
for your community and efforts that support and encourage a healthy
local economy. Many of these volunteers had absolutely NO idea.
We have seen anywhere from 40 to as high as 70% of campaign
volunteers who have never worked for the Chamber before.
Volunteers share this message that now has new meaning to them, with
hundreds of area businesses.
We collect volunteer data and you are left with a new pool of volunteers
for your program of work.
We collect all leads with the volunteer caller’s information attached. This
allows you to go back to these as HOT prospects. We have left as many
as 200 of these lead sheets after a campaign.
Past Campaigns:
Todd Murphy, President/CEO
Jefferson Chamber of Commerce
3421 N. Causeway Blvd., Suite 203
Metairie, LA 70002
[email protected]
(504) 835-3880
Client References
Doug Peters, President/CEO
Fayetteville Regional Chamber
1019 Hay Street
Fayetteville, NC 28305
[email protected]
910-484-4242 Ext 228
Bill Sproull, President/CEO
Richardson Texas COC
411 Belle Grove Drive
Richardson, TX 75080
[email protected]
We are currently running campaigns for:
Midland TX
Loudoun County VA
DeKalb County GA
Calgary Canada