List of Research materials for American Revolution Information

List of Research materials for American Revolution Information Writing piece
Topics: Taxes/Acts in the Colonies, Early Conflicts, and Early Battles
Library resources:
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Library Resources
Library books - provided by Dana Cherna
Book Author
Book Title
Bock, Judy & Rachel
Burgan, Michael
Scholastic Encyclopedia of the United States
Burleigh, Robert
American Moments: Scenes from American History
Carter, Alden R.
The American Revolution
Gragg, Rod
The Declaration of Independence
Kimmel, Heidi
The Battles of Lexington and Concord
Ritchie, Donald A.
American History: The Early Years to 1877
Trueit, Trudi Stein
The Boston Tea Party
Wade, Linda R.
Final Years of the American Revolution
Wade, Linda R.
Leaders of the American Revolution
2 copies
The Declaration of Independence
World Almanac Online
Videos - School House Rock video - educational video about Paul Revere’s ride
Liberty Kids videos on Youtube
Reader's Theater - Plays
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French and Indian War
Primary source
Boston Massacre - primary source - primary source
Boston Tea Party
Taxation Acts - primary source - primary source primary source
Primary source – article about taxes Pennsylvania Gazette
Lexington and Concord
( - Revere account of Midnight ride
Declaration of Independence