Schuylkill ACHIEVE

21st Century Community Learning Centers
Mahanoy Area
Minersville Area
Pine Grove
Pottsville Area
Williams Valley
Soaring beyond expectations!
The Schuylkill Intermediate Unit’s
21st Century Community Learning Centers Afterschool
Funding period: Fall 2014-September 30, 2017
• SIU proposes the Schuylkill ACHIEVE Afterschool
Program in order to satisfy the need to increase students’
opportunities for meaningful learning through innovative
and PA Core Standards-aligned approaches.
• Schuylkill ACHIEVE’s goal is to improve middle school
students’ performance measures of classroom performance
and school attendance by providing students with highquality academic enrichment opportunities designed to
promote attainment of state and local academic
achievement standards in reading, math, and science.
Schuylkill ACHIEVE:
0ur vision, mission, and goal
School District Partners
Local Community Partners
• Mahanoy Area Middle
School (grades 5-8)
• Minersville Area
Elementary Center (grades
• Pine Grove Area Middle
School (grades 5-8)
• Pottsville’s D.H.H. Lengel
Middle School (grades 5-8)
• Williams Valley Elementary
School (grades 5-6)
Penn State Schuylkill Campus
Walk-In-Art Center
Mud & Maker
Schuylkill YMCA
RSVP (Retired Seniors
Volunteer Program)
Schuylkill Conservation
The ReDCo Group
McCann School of Business
Schuylkill County Drug &
Alcohol Prevention Program
Junior Achievement of Central
Schuylkill ACHIEVE
• 270, 5th through 8th grade at risk students facing
academic, social, behavioral, and/or familial
• 12 hours per week (Monday-Thursday)
• 36 weeks
• In addition to 6 weeks of summer
programming including 3 weeks of “Summer of
STEM Explorers” hosted by Schuylkill
Technology Centers (3 days/week)
• Schuylkill ACHIEVE is a 42-week program per
project year (October 1-September 30)
Program Schedule
Target # of students to serve daily
Mahanoy MS
Minersville EL
Pine Grove MS
DHH Lengel MS
Williams Valley EL
Allocable # of daily staff
3+1 (+1 includes site coordinator)
Total = 270 students
15:1 staff to student ratio
Students & Staffing
Services that advance student achievement/academic enrichment
Mathematics and science education activities;
Arts and music activities;
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) activities
Entrepreneurial programs (students cannot be paid to participate or receive monetary
compensation such as paid internships);
Tutoring services, and mentoring programs; homework help
Limited English proficient (LEP) programs for parents and students;
Recreational/Physical activities (organized competitive sports such as PIAA, league fees,
league participation, competitions, coaches salaries and all related costs are not permissible);
Nutrition education;
Telecommunications and technology;
Expanded library services;
Programs that promote parental involvement and family literacy;
• Student attendance and behavior programs;
• Drug and violence prevention programs;
• Counseling programs;
• Character education programs; and
• Service learning programs.
Student ACHIEVEment/Enrichment Components
• Collins Writing Program Book & CD for each site
(Professional Development Tool)
• Growing the Next Generation of STEM Innovators Book for
each site (Professional Development Tool)
• Digital licensing for use of Discovery Education
( and DefinedSTEM
• Character COUNTS! (Character Education): Registered
students receive a Character COUNTS! agenda
• Compass Awards: Student retention awards system
• First-in-Math: remedial, online math program
• LittleBits: hands-on, STEM focused
Student ACHIEVEment
Components (included in our proposal)
About Character COUNTS!: Issues such as bullying, cheating, and academic
achievement are addressed through the PA Core State Standards linked
program, “CHARACTER COUNTS!.” The inclusion of CHARACTER
COUNTS! makes character education both meaningful and effective by
integrating state standards-aligned curriculum with the Six Pillars of Character:
trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.
Integrating weekly “people of character”, who have made a difference in the
world through character-related contributions, CHARACTER COUNTS!
infuses classroom discussion, goal recording, and journaling.
How it works: Each registered students is provided with a Character COUNTS!
agenda to use for the duration of a project year.
How it supports Schuylkill ACHIEVE’s “Multi-Year Program Design and
Performance” (Performance Measures): Participants in 21st Century will
demonstrate additional positive educational, social, and behavioral changes.
Character COUNTS!
Character COUNTS! Agenda
About Compass Awards: In an effort to increase both school day attendance
and Afterschool attendance/retention, Compass Awards is a patch based
recognition program to highlight a student’s personal achievements in
Schuylkill ACHIEVE.
How it works: Activity patches are awarded based upon completion of a
specific skill or project including STEM, service learning, goal fulfillment, and
creative writing.
How it supports Schuylkill ACHIEVE’s “Multi-Year Program Design and
Performance” (Performance Measures): Students regularly participating in
the program will show improvement in the performance measures of school
attendance, classroom performance, and/or reduced disciplinary referrals.
About First-In-Math: First-In-Math (FIM), an on-line, web-based program
offering additional remediation to those students who are not proficient in math.
FIM is aligned to PA Core Standards and its self-paced activities target mastery
of skills and fluency, supporting differentiated instruction. FIM employs a
sequential approach to learning and modules include positive feedback to boost
confidence. Additionally, the program includes a family component. When a
student logs on at home, parents can visualize what their child is learning by
monitoring student benchmarks. FIM enables parents to actively participate in
their child’s progress.
How it works: All participants are provided a unique FIM User ID. User IDs
can be printed on labels for easy distribution. FIM automatically generates an
additional Family User ID!
How it supports Schuylkill ACHIEVE’s “Multi-Year Program Design and
Performance” (Performance Measures): Students regularly participating in
the program will meet or exceed state and local academic achievement
standards in reading and math.
About littleBits: LittleBits are electronic modules that enable students to design, create,
and experiment with electronic hardware. Born out of the Maker Movement, the education
initiative develops confidence, creativity, and interest in STEM through “making.”
LittleBits are designed by educators to “simply make something that teaches something”.
LittleBits curriculum design teaches across STEM disciplines and includes the necessary
steps to maximize student engagement including: 1) demonstration, 2) brainstorming, 3)
interactive design, 4) prototyping, and 5) sharing/discussion.
How it works: Each site will receive a $500 credit to choose which sets work best for
their student needs. View sets online at :
*Email Schuylkill ACHIEVE Program Coordinator your selection and it will be ordered
for you.
How it supports Schuylkill ACHIEVE’s “Multi-Year Program Design and
Performance” (Performance Measures): Participants in 21st Century will demonstrate
additional positive educational, social, and behavioral changes.
Mission: Possible
• Offered to 110 TANF eligible
youth, grades 5-8
• Schools must generate a list of
participants who are eligible.
(Students who receive free or
reduced lunch qualify.)
• Supplemental funding through
Luzerne/Schuylkill Workforce
Investment Board
• October 2014 through June 2015
• Interactive “missions”
implemented by two Mission:
Possible staff
• Enhanced by expert guests, field
trips, and student book selections
Student ACHIEVEment Components: Literacy
Schuylkill ACHIEVE’s “identity”
for STEM content
 Daily STEM exploration
 STEM partnership events
 STEM tools
 STEM field visits and
Student ACHIEVEment Components: STEM
Summer of STEM Explorers
Hosted by Schuylkill Technology Centers
3 week program in June
3 days /week, up to 12 hours/week
STC instructors
Schuylkill ACHIEVE instructors
Transportation provided in part by SIU
Based on “STEM Employment Outlook in PA” by PA
Dept. of Labor and Industry
• * Schedule and details subject to change!
Summer Program (6 weeks)
 STEM Saturdays @
Penn State Schuylkill
 Art Around the World
@ Walk-In Art Center
 C.S.I. (Career Search
Investigators) @
Schuylkill Technology
 Credit (per site) with
Mud & Maker
 Credit (per site) with
Schuylkill YMCA
Additional partnership opportunities:
 Schuylkill County Conservation
 Schuylkill County Drug & Alcohol
 Energy Industry Partnership (The
ReDCo Group’s Gary MacCready)
 RSVP of Schuylkill County
(Retired Senior Volunteer
 Junior Achievement of Central PA
Schuylkill ACHIEVE Events
& Partners
Parental involvement
 Monthly, on-site family nights
 Each site has been budgeted $400/project year for family nights
 Invitation from the SIU for free adult education classes (GED
readiness) and computer skill classes
 Home access to First-In-Math
 SIU representative at district “Open House” event(s) as requested
by site
 Parent representatives on Schuylkill ACHIEVE’s “Advisory
 “Schuylkill ACHIEVE Center” that is accessible to parents
 Annual parent survey
Additional Program Components
Advisory Board
 Three Advisory Board Meetings per project year
 Hosted by Schuylkill Intermediate Unit
 Each site will establish a local advisory board who will be
invited to attend the three annual Advisory Board Meetings.
 Local Advisory Boards are composed of:
• 10-15 members including at least 2 parents, 2 students,
teachers, school district administration, community agencies
and the private sector
 Each site coordinator will establish a local advisory board
master list with contact names, phone numbers, addresses, and
email addresses by November 1st, 2014. Please send this list to
the Schuylkill ACHIEVE Program Coordinator.
Additional Program Components
 Regular site visits (completed by Schuylkill ACHIEVE Program
Coordinator/External Evaluator)
 Monthly site report sent to Schuylkill ACHIEVE Data Analyst (completed by
individual Site Coordinator)
 Monthly Fiscal Reporting & Expenditure Reports for PDE (completed by
 Quarterly Performance Report/End of Year Report for Center for Schools and
Communities (completed by Data Analyst)
 Annual Federal Report, known formerly as PPICS (completed by Site
Coordinator/Data Analyst/External Evaluator)
 Annual PDE Grantee Report for AIU3 and PDE (completed by Data Analyst)
 Annual Local Level Evaluation Report for PDE(completed by External
Evaluator and submitted to PDE)
 Annual Equipment and Residual Supplies Forms for PDE(completed by
Schuylkill ACHIEVE Program Coordinator/Data Analyst)
 Written Emergency Readiness Plan (through collaboration with SIU and school
 Schuylkill ACHIEVE Professional Development Plan (completed by Schuylkill
ACHIEVE Coordinator, Analyst, and Director)
Evaluation Components & Requirements
Evaluation Data Collected
• State assessment data (PSSA)
• Reading, math, and science report card grades (fall/spring)
• Program operations, staffing, activities, and other information related to
implementation (partially obtained through regular visits by Schuylkill ACHIEVE
Program Coordinator & External Evaluator)
• Program attendance
• Student demographics (including Free/reduced lunch status and ESL populations)
• Local reading and math assessments (derived from First-In-Math, etc.)
• School attendance and discipline records
• Fiscal/budget information
• Annual teacher survey
• Annual parent survey
• Annual student survey
• Event surveys
*** Use of AIU3’s student attendance and student workbook tracking documents
Additional Program Evaluation Components
Professional Development
• Schuylkill ACHIEVE staff will develop a new
professional development plan (with guidance from PDE)
• Professional development will be applied directly on-site
during Schuylkill Achieve
• Professional trainings from external agencies will occur
at least once per project year and be held at SIU
• Invitation to annual Extra Learning Opportunities
conference in Harrisburg, PA (spring) and other regional
Additional Program Components
• Thursday, October 23
• National Afterschool celebration
• Showcases awareness and highlights
appreciation for Afterschool
• Possible family event/ “Schuylkill
ACHIEVE Open House”
• Find out more at : Afterschool Alliance:
Lights On Afterschool!
• Sample ideas, print-outs, invitations,
student activities, Afterschool fact sheets,
logos, and more.
Lights On Afterschool
Snacks (including refreshments for staff meetings, etc.) cannot be
purchased with 21st CCLC funds. Alternative funding sources and/or
federal nutrition programs are to be utilized.
 Technology purchases have NOT been included in our C7 grant
 Schoolwide and school-related projects, programs, presentations,
athletics and supplies used during the school day. If supplies are to be
shared during the school day, items must be prorated.
 Purchasing gift cards is strictly prohibited for any reason or purpose.
 Entertainment, which includes tickets to shows, sport events,
recreation, and student meals is unallowable.
 Selling marketing products, paid for by 21st CCLC funds in order to
fund raise, is unallowable. Alternative funds or donations can be used to
purchase marketing products for fund raising purposes.
 The only exception to use 21st CCLC funds for the purchase of
food/snacks is during dedicated family events.
Unallowable Expenses
5 Site Coordinators (on each week)
18 Instructors (on each week)
Staffing practices: Weekly staffing of 18 instructors
must be varied to ensure that students are exposed to staff
who are equipped with expertise in core subject areas.
Staff should rotate in order to alleviate “burn out” to
ensure that students are receiving differentiated, highquality programming for 36 weeks of on-site out-of-school
time activities per project year.
Staff Wages & Staffing Practices
Site Budget Distribution