Chapter 1A Jeopardy


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Water sources and uses

With your favorite host: Ms. Ings!

Which of the following is a direct use of water?

A. Water used to make a coffee filter

B. Water used to grow coffee grinds

C. Water used in the factory to create the metal coffee can

D. Water used when it’s added to the coffee pot

Explain why it might be possible that a molecule of water that you drank today was once swallowed by a dinosaur.

Fill in the blank.

Grey water can be used for….

A. Cleaning Dishes

B. Boiling Pasta

C. Showering

D. Washing your Car

What did the electrical conductivity exploration test for?

A. Odor

B. Ions

C. Color

D. Solutes

Why are we not pumping distilled water out of our faucets in our homes?

List 2 reasons

If I had 40ml left of pure water and I started out with 160, what is my percent recovery?

A. 50%

B. 25%

C. 145%

D. Not enough information

Which steps from your foul-water laboratory were more likely to occur with run-off ?

A. Distillation

B. Charcoal Filtration

C. Oil Water Separation

D. Sand-Gravel Filtration

What is meant to “purify” water?

Where is the majority of the world’s water found?

A. the ocean

B. the ice caps

C. rivers and lakes

D. water vapor

What is the difference between an aquifer and ground water?

A. Ground water is typically below an aquifer

B. There really is no difference.

C. Water in an aquifer is found in rocks.

D. Ground water is typically found in only rural areas.

What step(s) have been completed of the water filtration lab?

List all that apply.

Color Pale yellow



Oil and Floating Debris

A. Distillation

B. Charcoal Filtration

C. Oil Water Separation

D.Sand Filtration




Why is water purposely left in the flask at the end of distillation?


Which source of water has the highest purity?

A. Oceans

B. Lakes

C. Glaciers and Ice Caps

D. Rivers

Which of the following is not an example of surface water?

A. Water from a well

B. Water from a reservoir

C. Water from Snakehill River

D. Distilled water from the ocean

The process in which water goes from a gas to a liquid in the hydrologic water cycle is…

A. Transpiration

B. Precipitation

C. Condensation

D. Evaporation

List one indirect use of water when cooking pasta?

The Tyndall Effect tests for….

A. Oil

B. Ions

C. Large particles

D. Solutes

This part of the water cycle is called….

A. Transpiration

B. Precipitation

C. Condensation

D. Evaporation

Explain why the class average was higher than the national average for water use.

Where is the majority of water used in the East?

A. Agriculture/Irrigation

B. Mining

C. Steam/Electric

D. Domestic

Rank the following locations in order of greatest to least total water abundance on Earth.

A. Oceans, Rivers/Lakes, Glaciers, Water Vapor

B. Oceans, Glaciers, Rivers/Lakes, Water Vapor

C. Oceans, Water Vapor, Glaciers, Rivers/Lakes

D. Rivers/Lakes, Oceans, Water Vapor, Glaciers