Nationalism Kenna McClure

How does nationalism impact the way we live? In many ways nationalism has impacted
the way we live. It has brought people together yet torn people apart. With the influences of
pride, religion, and even today’s government nationalism has a huge impact on how live.
Having pride in something is a huge part of how we live our lives. Many people bond
over certain things they’re prideful of such schools, teams, religions, etc. This brings people
together but can cause problems between those who think differently. It can also cause
exclusion. Those who have different views tend to be dismissed or excluded because of
nationalism. Although nationalism brings people together it can also cause conflict.
Just like pride, religion is affected greatly by nationalism. People gather to worship and
take pride in what they worship. This causes unity but this unity may also cause conflict as well.
An overreaching sense of devotion in certain religious beliefs has created great conflict in the
past and continues today. This kind of display of nationalism has resulted in a great deal of
violence. This concludes that even religion can be brought together or torn apart because of
When Americans overcame the great depression it was source of national pride where
one believed if you work hard and were responsible your work would be rewarded. People felt
like they had a chance. Although before the recession hard work stopped paying off. Hard
worth was no longer rewarded with good pay. This lowered the nation’s self-esteem as well as
the sense of nationalism. Because of this, it caused great disparity between those who are
wealthy and those who are not. This results in a lack of unity in the nation.
As you can see because of nationalism, people have been together but also torn apart.
Without nationalism people have become discouraged. This makes impact on our daily lives
and can proven through pride, religion, and today’s government.
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