Reflective Action

Organizational Effectiveness
Reflective Action
This is part of every phase of effective change management. Use these questions as a guideline to help structure
your reflection. Regularly schedule time out to reflect on the progress of the change and gather feedback from
stakeholders to evaluate and course correct as needed. Choose methods as appropriate to your change and
those involved.
1. Review your change plan. What steps have been covered? Who has done what? What
acknowledgements need to be made? What could be celebrated? What worked well? What is
outstanding? Are additional resources needed? Are course corrections needed? What needs to be
communicated right now about distance travelled?
2. Where are you on the pit model of change and transition? Where are stakeholders in the model? Are
sufficient plans in place and working effectively to help people get to the next phase?
3. Evaluate and assess those involved so far (users, stakeholders, impacted managers, leaders, support
staff, internal and external people, etc.)
What are they hearing?
What do they know?
What questions do they have?
How are people feeling?
What behaviors are observable?
Is the end vision clear?
Are communications effective?
4. Create a feedback process based on the desired change. Promote and action the process. Be mindful
of leader/manager involvement which may skew results. Receive results objectively as information to
plan and move forward successfully. Use a variety of sources. Action will encourage future
participation. If feedback decreases, change tactics or sources, but continue your feedback plan. Pay
particular attention to promoting action taken as a result of feedback.
5. What are you trying to learn to take people to the next phase? Refer to critical success factors,
milestones, objectives, business requirements as intermittent measures of progress and success. Course
correct as needed. Promote actions and changes to acknowledge lessons learned along the way.
6. Assess readiness to proceed. Are people ready to progress onto the next phase? Has anything changed
that may require plan modification? Are abilities in line with the next phase? Is the emotional transition
process being managed? Are resources available to see through the next phase?