Eukaryotic cell

The parts and functions of the Eukaryotic
cell, in an analogy of a hospital.
By: Caleb Goforth
Images from: Google images
These are the part of the Eukaryote cell that
makes proteins. Like the café in a hospital.
Part of cell where all waste goes. Bathroom in a
hospital is a good analogy.
Area of the cell that stores water. Like a water
Part of cell that controls it(the brain). Like the
board of the hospital.
Part of the cell that controls what goes in and
out of the cell. Like hospital doors.
A jelly like substance that holds everything in
place. Almost like the walls on the hospital.
Sorts and packages molecules. Like hospital
mail system.
Moves proteins, Like Hospital beds.
Makes lipids (fats). Like the café or the snack
Converts food into energy. Like a generator in
a hospital.
Part of cell that helps with reproduction. Like
the nurseries in hospitals.