Dishonesty - CollegePrepCVHS

Critical Thinking
Topic: Dishonesty
I want your book reviews
 Pass ‘em on up
 It is also time to pick a new book…Must be read by the
end of April (I know that’s a ton of time to read one
book…I know)
Generating Criteria
 Now that we have used someone else’s criteria to make
judgments, lets generate some criteria of our own.
 This is obviously quite important when writing an
extended definition paper.
Lets discuss a scenario
 Look at #1 on your handout
 I will read it aloud
 Is Alfonzo dishonest or not?
What Time is it?
 Get into groups of 3 or 4
 The following scenarios may or may not be examples of
 Your job is to:
 1) Read the rest of the scenarios as a group
 2) Discuss if the person is acting dishonestly or not
 3) Generate criteria about dishonesty
 Make a group list on a sheet of paper
Lets make a class list
 I want to hear some criteria from ya’ll
 I will make record our criteria
Now that we have criteria
 On your own
 Your Task:
 1) Pick a scenario from the handout
 2) Create a contrasting example (non-example)
 3) Share with us PLEASE!!!! I BEG YOU
I will judge you for
 Now that we have generated criteria and come up with
non-examples, it is time to judge.
 Look on the back of your scenarios sheet. You will find
some sample evaluations of the scenarios we judged.
 Your task:
 1) Read each paragraph
 2) Answer the questions contained therein (on a separte
sheet of paper)
 3) Create a brand new Frayer Model on dishonesty
READ my people!
 Read “The Insufficiency of Honesty” by Stephen Carter
 Create Frayer model for HIS DEFINITION
 Write a short paper compare and contrasting your frayer
model with his