The Pearl Vocabulary

The Pearl Vocabulary
Chapters 1 and 2
1. ceaseless
2. reassuring
3. strenuous
4. obscured
5. perceptible
Chapters 4 and 5
1. perplexed
2. contemptuously
3. lethargy
4. exhilaration
5. lament
Chapter 3
1. essence
2. merged
3. lucent
4. transfigured
5. discontentedly
Chapter 6
1. monotonously
2. rupture
3. weary
4. petulant
5. apprehensively
Frayer Diagram: A diagram used to analyze unknown words by breaking it into
parts and providing simple ways to remember the meaning.
**You will create a Frayer Diagram for each vocabulary word above. These will
be completed prior to reading the designated chapters. You will create the
Frayer Diagrams using your own notebook or plain white paper. They will be
kept as a “Vocabulary Book” for The Pearl (in the Reading/Vocabulary section
of your binder) to be used to study and prepare for the vocabulary test upon
completion of the novel. You may be as creative with the display as you’d like!
I will check Frayer Diagrams the day after each chapter(s) designated
words are assigned.