New Year Assembly

This assembly will review the success of the
previous year before thinking about the New Year.
We will consider the changes and opportunities for
the New Year before discussing how to ensure
everybody enjoys it and stays safe and healthy.
The message from this Academy is to stay safe and
enjoy your time but ‘Speak Up’ if required.
New Academic Year
2015 -16
Welcome Back!
Mr Mallin
Blue Faculty Assembly
A great year, but now it is time to look
forwards and think about the year
The New Year
What is different?
What is different?
3 Faculties
Mr Pritchard
Mr Liversage
Miss Marshall
What is different?
R.A.P - Raising Achievement and Progress
M.A.P – Most Able Programme
Department Compulsory ‘Catch Up’ Clubs
Homework in all subjects in Key Stage 3
The main priorities for the year and
what we expect of you
• Every student has good attendance;
• Every student is making good progress;
• Every student is behaving sensibly and being a
good role model;
• Every student is making good decisions and
staying safe.
Do you feel safe and healthy?
Some of the words I think about when I consider safe
and healthy:
• Do you think they
feel safe and
• Do you think he
feels warm, loved
and safe?
• Do you think this
big brother feels he
can keep his little
sister safe and
• Do you think
they are
worried about
Social Media,
or what
somebody has
said about
them to
another boy or
What do you think this father must be
thinking and feeling?
Why is this relevant?
• What do you think this man
would say if I said to him:
– I would keep his children safe
from 7.30am – 4.30pm each day;
– I would provide a warm school;
– I would provide a safe school;
– I would provide hot food twice a
– I would provide free clean water;
– I would provide a free
• Students in the UK seem to get the best mix of
education and models
• You do not have to go to school for 12 / 16
hours like students in many parts of Asia and
you do not live in a war-torn country where
you fear for you life
• Do you come to
school everyday?
• Do you work as
hard as you can
every day?
• Do you accept we
are very fortunate
in the UK and
utilise every
What do we want from you?
• We want you to be successful;
• We want you to challenge yourself and make
sure you are successful;
• We want you to be happy!
How ?
No to Bullying - Speak Up
• If you see anything that
makes you feel sorry for
someone – Speak Up
• If you witness something you
do not like - Speak Up
• If someone is horrible to you
– Speak Up
Staying Safe On-Line
• Stay safe on-line
– Do not accept friend requests from
people you do not know
– Do not post something you would
not show your parents
– Do not give out your personal details
– Do not give out your location
– Do not join groups that you know are
wrong or ask you to do things you
know are wrong
– Remember – information uploaded
can stay uploaded for ever. Would
you really want to live with a
mistake for the rest of your life?
Staying safe at the
end of the day
30 Minute Rule
Which member of staff should you ask
for help if you need it?
• If you need help during the Academy day you can ask the
nearest adult to you for help
• Your Form Tutor should be the first adult at the Academy
that you see each morning. If you have an issue speak to
them as soon as you see them.
• If you find it hard to talk about your concern but want help,
use the ‘Sharp system’ and Mrs Edwards our Child
Protection Officer will help you as soon as possible.
• Let us work together to ensure everybody in
this Academy is safe, happy and successful
• Have a wonderful year and welcome back