Outline for Oral Report

Tina Chiang
Oral II
Outline for Oral Report
Topic: The Life of a Military Academy Student
The life of those students who are studying in military academy differs from
ours. For example, they are restricted to go out of school during the whole
week. Can you imagine that? They cannot go out and dine at McDonald’s or
buy some pizzas to celebrate someone’s birthday as we do. For us, going
shopping and watching movies are sort of normal ways to relax. However, it is
really hard for them to have some entertainments during their school time. In
short, their freedom is taken away. In the contrast to us, they are leading a
completely different life. Therefore, my purpose of this interview is to get
more people know about their life.
Summary of the Interview
Information of R.O.C. Air Force Academy
1. Which school do you currently study in?
2. Would you please simply talk about your school?
3. Which department are you studying in?
4. Are your classes like those of normal universities students?
5. What kind of courses do you have?
6. Do you always have full-time class period?
Things to do in free time
7. What do you do in your spare time without classes?
8. What do you do in your free time after school?
School team
9. Are you in any school team or club?
10. What do you feel about your school team?
11. How about the meals?
12. Do you feel tired in such a stressful environment?
13. Do your families support you for studying in an academy?
14. How much do you get from your salary?
15. Are you going to be a pilot in a near future?
16. What is the expectation for yourself?