Stem List 11: Homework Nights

List 11 Stems
1. Dictionary: Place each stem, meaning, origin and list number on the appropriate
page A-Z. Number the stems on each page as instructed.
2. Flashcards: – Write the stem and at least 2 sample words on one side/meaning on
the other.
3. ABC Order (3x each): – Skip a line between each numbered word.
4. Sentences: Use your knowledge of this list’s stem words as well as context clues
from the sentence to explain the meaning of the bolded words. For sentences that
have two bolded words, you ONLY have to write an explanation for ONE of the
The grammar in the telegram was incorrect.
The doctor’s prognosis was not favorable.
Dozens of chairs were arranged for the general session.
On his solo transcontinental flight, he enjoyed the solitude.
During the holy man’s incantation, the spirit began to appear.
5. Write-it: In this section, you will be given a theme, topic, or prompt. You must use
at least 6 words listed on this week’s stem list in your story or writing. (The story can
be real or made up, as long as it fits the topic.) Please highlight the words you used because
I’ll be checking that they were used correctly.
Topic: First day at a new school.
6. Mystery Questions: Answer YES or NO to the question. Then explain why that
answer is correct using your knowledge of stems.
a. Is a five-pointed star a pentagram?
b. Can a senator be a victim of regicide?
c. Is the moon at apogee near to or far from the earth?