“The Organelles of Cells”

The online organelle catalogue for all your cell needs!
Table of Contents
Cell Membrane
Cell Wall
Endoplasmic Reticulum
Golgi Apparatus
Cell Membrane
This organelle is the most popular in our catalogue. It is
selectively permeable and guaranteed to only let the good
stuff in and makes sure the bad stuff is let out of your cells. It
has perfect efficiency during cell transport, whether active or
passive. The phospholipid bi-layer contains the appropriate
amount of proteins and cholesterol molecules to perform
facilitated diffusion. All cells need cell membranes that run
efficiently, so order your’s today.
Price- $200
Cell Wall
If you are a plant, fungi, or bacteria you need this! This is
the protective outer covering that gives support and shape to
cells. We guarantee our Cell walls are made with the
strongest cellulose*.
*also available in chitin for fungi
Cell Wall
Price - $200
This is one organelle ALL cells need, for it carries out
cell respiration and gives the cell energy to perform life
functions such as growing, reproduction, and moving. They
consist of a smooth outer membrane and an inner
membrane that has many folds called cristea. They also
contain their own DNA which makes it unique from all other
organelles. Our Mitochondria are efficient in aerobic and
anaerobic respiration and is sure to give cells the energy
they need whenever they need it. Order this vital oraganelle
today and start getting energy more efficiently.
Price - $400
If you are a lean, mean, green autotrough fighting
machine then this organelle is for you! Chloroplasts are the
organelles in which photosynthesis occurs. They are
membrane bound organisms containing tiny pancake like
structures called Thylakoids and stroma (similar to the
cytoplasm of a cell). The thylakoids contain chlorophyll which
truly carry out photosynthesis. The chlorophyll of our
chloroplasts will give every autotroughs cell the luscious
green color it has always yearned for and carry out
Photosynthesis with the highest efficiency. The glucose they
produce are sure to help the Mitochondria produce the energy
they need.
Price- $300
The nucleus is also a vital organelle to the survival of all
plant and animal cells. It is like the brain of the cell for it
controls cell activities and contains all the genetic material.
This genetic material is DNA that wraps around proteins
known as Chromosomes. The nucleus is a membrane bound
organelle. It also contains a nucleolus which is a subnuclear
body made up of unique proteins such as RNA and controlls
the assembly of ribosomes. In the nucleus, the cell cycle also
occurs through mitosis. Our nucleus are available in ALL cell
types and will make your cell as “sharp as a human brain”!
Price - $400
One of our specialties is our Ribosomes. These are small dense
structures made up of RNA and proteins that are grouped together in
the nucleolus of a cell. Once the ribosomes are created, they are
released into the cytosol of the cell. Some remain free while others
attach to the rough endoplasmic reticulum. Ribosomes carry our
protein biosynthesis which means they assembles protein or
polypeptide chains. Though whether a ribosome is really an organelle
is up for debate because it is not membrane bound, WE STILL HAVE
THEM and guarantee that our Ribosomes are very competent in
translating messages and building proteins.
Price - $300
Endoplasmic Reticulum
This organelle has a very similar structure and
composition to the plasma cell membrane. The endoplasmic
reticulum consists of tubucles, vesicles, and cisternea; is held
together by a cytoskeleton, and is enclosed by a phospholipid
by-layer. The function of this organelle varies depending on
the type of cell it resides in, but is mainly known as the route
of molecular transportation within the cell. But we guarantee
that our stock has the EXACT endoplasmic reticulum that
your particular cell requires. We also have both the smooth
and rough Endoplasmic Reticulum available. mulittudes of
proteins if you are a cell that needs to exported from the cell
or implanted in the cell membrane. This is an important
organelle that all cells need, and we have just the one to fit
your needs.
Price - $200
Golgi Apparatus
This organelle is made up of a network of
membranes and works closely with the endoplasmic
reticulum. It’s initial function is to synthesize proteins by
processing, packaging, and secreting them so that they
can be transported through out the rest of cell or out of
the cell.
Price - $200
If you are an animal, protist, or fungi then
this is one organelle that you need.
Lysosomes have a spherical shape and
contain enzymes that help digestion in the
cell. They have the ability to digest
carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, DNA,
RNA, and
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