homework ws 111

Read pages 226-228 in textbook and answer the following questions:
1. Describe Griffith’s experiment
2. What did Griffith conclude from his results?
3. Describe Avery’s experiment
4. What did Avery conclude from his results?
5. Why did most scientists believe that the genetic material must be protein?
6. What is a virus?
7. What is a bacteriophage?
8. What are the components of a bacteriophage?
9. Describe the experiment of Hershey & Chase
10. What did Hershey & Chase conclude from their results?
View online activity 11.1 and answer the questions below:
1. What were scientists debating in 1952?
2. Explain why Hershey & Chase grew two batches of bacteriophages, one in
radioactive sulfur and the other in radioactive phosphorus.
3. Explain why the area of high radioactivity in the protein batch was found in
the liquid portion and the high radioactivity in the sulfur was found in pellet
portion. What conclusion can be drawn?