12 credits - School of Tourism and Hospitality Management

STHM – Tourism and Hospitality Management: THM fall 2011 curriculum, Temple University GenEd curriculum
For use by: ALL students (Freshmen & Transfer) who began courses at Temple/STHM fall 2011 or after
General Education (GenEd) (35-36 credits)
School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Curriculum (64 credits)
Analytical Reading & Writing (GW)
STHM Foundation Requirements (25 credits)
(4 credits)
__________ STHM 1113 Foundations of Leisure (4 credits)
__________ STHM 2114 Leisure & Tourism for a Diverse Society
__________ STHM 4112 Senior Professional Development Seminar
Quantitative Literacy (GQ)
(4 credits)
(Prerequisite: Senior standing;
Co-requisite: STHM 4296 [Capstone Course])
Internship I (180 hours) (Prerequisite: Completion of all STHM
1000- and 2000-level courses)
Internship II (600 hours) (Prerequisite: Completion of all
coursework) (12 Credits)
__________ STHM 3185
Mosaics (Pre-requisite for both Mosaics: GW)
GY ____________________
GZ ____________________
__________ STHM 4185
Arts (GA) (3 or 4 credits)
__________ STHM 1311 The Business of Tourism & Hospitality
__________ STHM 2311 Global Issues in Tourism & Hospitality Management
__________ STHM 3311 Managing Organizations in Tourism & Hospitality
Human Behavior (GB)
__________ STHM 3312 Strategic Decision Making in Tourism & Hospitality
Tourism and Hospitality Management Major Requirements (27 credits)
(Prerequisite: HRM 1101)
(Prerequisite: ECON 1101)
__________ STHM 3313 Financial Issues in Tourism & Hospitality
Race and Diversity (GD)
(Prerequisites: ACCT 2101 & ECON 1101)
__________ STHM 3315 Tourism and Hospitality Sales
__________ STHM 3396* Marketing in Tourism & Hospitality
(Prerequisite: ECON 1101 & MKTG 2101)
Global/World Society (GG)
Science & Technology (2 required)
GS ____________________
__________ STHM 4312 Legal Issues in Tourism & Hospitality
__________ Capstone Course – Choose ONE (Prerequisites: Senior level academic standing –
minimum 90 credits; Co-requisite: STHM 4112)
__________ STHM 4396* Hospitality Management Systems
__________ STHM 4397* Designing Tourism Experiences
__________ STHM 4398* Strategic Management and Innovation in
Tourism and Hospitality (Prerequisite STHM
GS ____________________
U.S. Society (GU)
Tourism and Hospitality Management Major Electives (12 credits)
See Page 2 (or back) for options
Fox School of Business & Management Requirements (12 credits)
Free Electives (12 credits, or more
as needed to reach 124 credits –
see back/page 2 for details)
__________ ACCT 2101
__________ ECON 1101
__________ HRM 1101
__________ MKTG 2101
Financial Accounting
Macroeconomic Principles
Leadership and Organization Management
Marketing Management (Prerequisite: ECON 1101)
School of Tourism & Hospitality Management Non-Credit Requirements
__________ First Aid/ CPR Certification (Community-level or better; must be
completed prior to Internship II)
__________ Industry Related Experience (Minimum 250 hours of participation
required prior to STHM 4112 Senior Professional Development Seminar)
_____ ENG 0701 (If indicated by Placement test)
_____ MATH 0701 (If indicated by Placement test
*Indicates Required Writing Intensive Courses
UPDATED October 2011
STHM – Tourism and Hospitality Management Major Electives / Concentrations
Declaring a concentration is optional; completing 12 credits of major electives is required.
Students are encouraged to declare a concentration. To earn the concentration, and have it indicated on the official transcript,
students must complete three (3) courses within a particular concentration, related capstone, and Internship II in a position related
to the chosen concentration.
Hospitality Operations
__________ STHM 3320
__________ STHM 3324
__________ STHM 3325
__________ STHM 3328
__________ STHM 3329
__________ STHM 3425
Special Topics in Hospitality Management
Hospitality Operations
Food & Beverage Management
Gaming & Casino Management
Revenue Management in Tourism & Hospitality
Sustainable Event Management
Destination Management
__________ STHM 3321 Tourism Planning and Development
__________ STHM 3322 Destination Management Organizations (Prerequisite: STHM 3311)
__________ STHM 3327 Advanced Destination Marketing Systems (Prerequisite: S THM 3396)
__________ STHM 3330 Special Topics in Destination & Event Management
Event Leadership
__________ STHM 3411
__________ STHM 3415
__________ STHM 3425
__________ STHM 3428
Program & Special Event Planning
Space Design & Facility Management
Sustainable Event Management
Event Marketing & Sponsorship (Prerequisite: STHM 3396)
According to the STHM 8-semester plan, students must take at least 12 credits of Free Electives. In some cases this number needs to
be increased to meet the 124 credits required for graduation. Examples include:
 If a student takes a 3-credit Gen Ed Arts (GA) class (8 semester plan reflects a 4 credit GA), one credit would be added to the free
elective credit total
 A student fulfills the Global/World Society (GG) requirement by participating in an approved summer or semester study abroad
program. The student would be given a waiver for their GG requirement, but must still acquire 3 credits. Thus, the 3 credits shift
from the Gen Ed credit total to the Free Elective credit total
Students can use Free Elective Credits to take any courses at Temple, but are encouraged to consider these options:
 Take additional STHM major electives of interest. Students are required to take four major electives, but may choose to take
more to fulfill the free elective requirement and meet the 124 credits needed for graduation.
 Earn a Minor or Certificate. Temple University offers many Minors and Certificates. Choices that fit easily into the 8 semester
Business Minors and Certificate Options: http://sbm.temple.edu/advising/minors.html
General Business Studies Minor
Business Minor
(Note: The four business courses required in the STHM curriculum – HRM 1101, ACCT 2101, ECON 1101, and MKTG
2101 – complete four of the eight required courses of a Business or a General Business minor.)
Geography and Urban Studies Certificate Options: http://www.temple.edu/gus/undergraduate/minors/index.htm
Certificate of Specialization in the Geography of Tourism
Certificate of Specialization in the Geography of Sports, Recreation and Tourism Planning
I understand that I am required to:
Complete 124 credits required for graduation, fulfilling all STHM and University requirements as reflected in my DARS
 IMPORTANT NOTE: The STHM 8 semester plan takes into account students taking a 4-credit Arts class. If students take a 3-credit
ARTS class, an additional credit would need to be added to the free elective credit total
Earn a C- or higher in all courses required in the STHM curriculum
Earn a 2.0 GPA in my major and a 2.0 cumulative GPA to be eligible to graduate
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