Classification of Organisms

Classification of
The Seven Level System
 Kingdom
 Phylum
 Class
 Order
 Family
 Genus
 Species
 King
 Phillip
 Called
 Oprah
 For
 Good
 Spices
Phylum Monera
 Kingdom of monera is made up of simple
single celled organisms.
 Prokaryotic cells
 Monerans’ have four Phyla
Phyla of Monera
 Phylum: Schizophyta- The largest phylum of
Monera. Contains organisms commonly known
as bacteria
 Phylum: Archaebateria- primitive organisms
that live in harsh climates
 Phylum: Cyanophyta: Organisms known as
blue-green bacteria
 Phylum:Prochlorophyta: Monera that live in
marine environments
General Information
 5,000 species of monerans have been
 Bacteria surround us- they are necessary
for life but also cause disease
 Bacteria is used in many different ways
by modern science
Uses of bacteria
 Cause Decay- Useful in natural recycling
 Used in food production- Change the original
form of food into the product we eat
 Medicine- Species of bacteria are used in the
production of antibiotics
 Feed for animals- Used in Aquaculture
 Water Treatment- convert toxic substances in
water into safe substances
 Growing Crops- convert nitrogen in the air into
a form plants can use
Kingdom Protista
 Single celled organisms
 More complex than Monera
 More than 65,000 organisms have been
classified into the kingdom Protista
 9 Phyla in Kingdom Protista
Phyla of Protista
 Sarcodina- Have cell membranes that are
flexible. Includes Amebas
 Ciliophora- These organisms have tiny hairs
called cilia to move around.
 Zoomastigina- Have a long whip like
structure called a flagellum for locomotion.
 Sporozoa- Have know means of locomotion
they are carried in the bodies of host animals
Phyla of Protista
 Chlorophyta, Phaeophyta,
Rhodophyta, Chrysophyta,
Pyrrophyta- these are the five phyla of
algae, algae are plant like organisms that
can make there own food
 Colonial algae are groups of algae cells
that act as a unit and share functions
needed for life
How Protists Effect Life
Can cause disease
Used to polish or grind stones
Provide Food
Add Oxygen to water and air