Module 2 Reference Guide 2.00 – Take your pre

Module 2 Reference Guide
2.00 – Take your pre-test and don’t worry about your score. Remember it’s a pre-test, you’re not supposed to
know it all yet. This is to help you and me with what you need to spend the most time learning.
2.01 – Comptez
Listen to the recording (reach out to your teacher if you’re having trouble understanding).
Write both the NUMBER version (aka: 1, 2, 3, 4, etc) of what you hear AND put your answers in French. To
write them in French, group the numbers by 2 and write them like that. For example, 02 = zéro deux, but 20 =
vingt. It helps to write the numbers like 05 40 29 18 36
Remember to include all ACCENTS on your French words; they are not optional!
HINT: Listen to the recording SEVERAL times. You have the opportunity to do this so take advantage of it!
2.02 – comptez deux
There is a quiz for this lesson – take your time!
2.03 – La date
This has 2 assignments – a voice and a written. Do the written assignment first, then record your sentences
for the voice assignment. (HINT: You may want to wait until you get feedback from your teacher on your written
so you know it is correct!)
Days of the week are NOT capitalized
Months of the year are NOT capitalized
Write your numbers in French.
Do NOT include the word ‘de’ when writing the date in French.
2.04 – l’heure
There is a quiz for this lesson! Take your time! 
Voice activity – remember to include a written version of your sentences. It will NOT be graded, it is so your
teacher can give you the best feedback possible!
French word
Deux heures
Ay (or A like the letter A)
Ay (or A like the letter A)
Be careful of the times on the clocks, remember that the LITTLE hand tells the hour and the BIG hand tells the
minutes. If the little hand is between the 4 and 5, the hour is 4.
To tell time up to half past the hour, use the following format:
Il est + hour + heures + minutes. (For example, 5:10= il est cinq heures dix.)
If your minutes are after 31 use the following format:
Il est + hour +1 +heures + # of minutes to the next hour. (For example: 5: 50 = il est six heures moins dix.) It is
like saying ‘it is 10 to 6.’
2.05 – Tu aimes
Use the pictures in the assignment to tell your likes and dislikes. You must do AT LEAST 1 sentence for each
of the bulleted phrases in the lesson.
The words ‘beaucoup’ and ‘un peu’ go immediately AFTER the verb. For example, j’aime beaucoup le foot.
J’aime un peu le volley.
Remember to include a written version of your sentences so you teacher can give you the best feedback
2.06 – Tu aimes
There is a quiz for this lesson! Take your time.
HINT: for the long answer questions, be sure to use the phrase given to you in parenthesis, but use the ‘I’ form
of the answer. If it says ‘tu aimes le tennis?’ (You love it.) Answer: J’adore le tennis.
Collaboration option –- your collaboration is a group project where you get to choose 1 of the lesson options
(this being one of them). You will work with a partner where each of you will ask 5 questions in French using
the material from the lesson. Then you will each answer your partner’s questions in French. Submit this and
the collaboration assessment guide (similar to a lab report) in assignment 5.05.
2.07 – Les pronoms
Use the reading on page 3 of the lesson to help you answer the questions.
Be sure your answers use pronouns (I, you, he, she, we, and they).
All answers should be in complete sentences in French. (Use a subject pronoun and a verb.)
Answers are all found in the reading – don’t make up the information.
2.08 – Review
CALL your Teacher as soon as you get to this assignment for your DBA! You don’t want to forget what you
2.09 – Exam
Your teacher will give you a password to access your exam when you have finished your DBA.