Prompt: Does the American Dream still exist today? Why or why not

Prompt: Does the American Dream still exist today? Why or why not? Give me at least three reasons to
support your answer.
The thesis statement should be in the following format: “The American Dream does/does not exist
today because _____________________, ___________________, and _________________.
Reasons for the above blanks include:
Does Exist:
 People are able to move up in social class
 People still set dreams and work to achieve them
 Media still talks about the American Dream
 People still receive a free and public education
 People have a strong work ethic today
 People still work to own homes
 People still get an education to get a better job
 We have freedoms in this country
 “American Dream” is in our curriculum
 People still immigrate to this country
 We have our own personal American dreams
 People still have similar goals from the past
Does not Exist:
 New technology has led to outsourcing or elimination of jobs
 Changing climate in our culture (some jobs no longer exist or are viable options)
 People no longer set long-term goals
 Our country is in a bad economic state, which leads to less jobs
 High unemployment rate
 Too many obstacles to overcome
 It is too difficult to actually move up in social class (college is too expensive, lack of
 There is a general lack of concern among citizens for their future
 Laws prohibit some people from achieving their dream (gay marriage)
 People are obsessed with being rich rather than being successful
Topic Sentences should be structured in this format The (first, second, third; first, next, last; one,
another, the final, etc.) reason why the American Dream does/does not exist today is because
_________________________ (reason 1, 2, or 3).
Concluding sentences for each body paragraph might start with the phrase “It is clear that…” or “It is
evident that……”
Conclusion Paragraph needs to be in this order
1. Restate the thesis statement in new words
2. Sum up the three main points (one sentence each)
3. End with a memorable point