Reader Rabbit Personalized Reading Ages 6-9

Educational Software Write Up
Lauren Henfling
Title: Reader Rabbit Personalized Reading Ages 6-9
Publisher: Learning Company
Publisher Site:
Cost: $14.95
Description of Software: This software includes 20 progressively
challenging storybooks at three different skill levels. This software also
allows children to choose whether to explore a Reading Land, read a
storybook, or play a skill house game. The skills built through this
software are: Vocabulary, advanced phonics, writing and creativity,
predicting, rhyming words, combining syllables, compound words,
consonant blends, long and short vowels, superlatives, reading aloud,
antonyms & synonyms, and visual and auditory word recognition.
Why this would be good for my classroom: This software would be
useful in my future classroom because it allows children to have success
with reading. Building a love and a need for reading at a young age will
could develop great reading skills. It will also help in grammar and word
recognition. This software would be used during reading lessons or
during free computer time.