Canadian and International Politics

CPW4U is an exciting
introduction to the study
of politics.
Students follow
international events, but
now this course will help
you understand the power
structure involved and the
complicated world of
rights and responsibilities.
This course examines Canadian and world politics
from a variety of perspectives. Students will
investigate the ways in which individuals, groups, and
states work to influence domestic and world events,
the role of political ideologies in national and
international politics, and the dynamics of
international cooperation and conflict resolution.
This course and unit begins with the topic, A
Study of Politics, followed by an introduction
to the basic concepts of political science.
Students will spend some time on the concept
of ideology and search out their own political
This unit begins with an examination
of the forms of government and
models of political processes.
Students will then have a look at how
roles in the political process function.
Students will be
involved in a mock
election, mock
parliament. You will
learn which
ideology fit with
your global point of
view and examine
your own bias.
The international system
will be introduced and
examined in depth.
Students will become
familiar with the United
Nations and the six
international actors.
Students learn best
when they are engaged
in a variety of ways of
learning. Canadian and
world studies courses
lend themselves to a
wide range of
approaches in that they
require students to
research & think
Your final grade will be
determined based on
your comprehension of
political terms and
concepts. You will be
required to apply theory
to real political events of
the day and write a
major research essay
based on a political
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