POLS 101

POLS 101
FALL 2012-2013
Instructor: Dr. Selin Akyüz
Office: 404
Phone: 211 66 66/68 50
E-mail: [email protected] , [email protected]
Office Hours: Monday 12:50-13.50; Tuesday 10.50-11.50
In this must course you are required to learn major issues, prominent concepts, theories and
approaches applied in political science. In order to fulfill this aim we are going to discuss
some fundamental issues/topics in political science such as political ideologies, systems,
political culture. Topics of the course will also provide students to question some core
concepts, namely, power, authority, public/private, that are being used in current affairs.
Students are also encouraged to discuss recent (and relevant) local/global political issues
Students will be held responsible for all the issues that would be discussed in class. There
will be two mid-term exams (%30 each) and a final exam (%40).
Course Book: Heywood, Andrew. 2007. Politics (3rd Ed.). New York: Palgrave.
Course Schedule
Week of September 24 – Introduction
Week of October 1st - What is Science? What is Political Science?
Week of October 8 – Chapter 1: What is Politics?
Week of October 15 – Chapter 2: Governments, Systems and Regimes
Week of October 22 – Chapter 3: Political Ideologies
Week of October 29 – Chapter 3: Political Ideologies
Week of November 5 – Midterm Exam I
Week of November 12 – Chapter 4: Democracy
Week of November 19– Chapter 5: The State
Week of November 26 – Chapter 5: The State
Week of December 3 – Chapter 6: Nations and Nationalism
Week of December 10 – Midterm Exam II
Week of December 17 – Chapter 7: Global Politics
Week of December 24 – Chapter 7: Global Politics
Have a nice semester
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