AP Macroeconomics Course Outline

Instructor: Scott McAuley
 Email - [email protected]
 Twitter - @mcauleymacro
 Web - http://www.gardencity.k12.ny.us/Page/5784
 Tests 50%
 projects, quizzes, presentations, etc., 40%
 daily grade (homework, participation), 10%
Grades are accessible through the Parent Portal.
Grade sheets are also distributed to students every 2-3
 All students must take the AP
Macroeconomics exam in May, and
course final examination.
 Community service
 Meets NYS mandate for Participation
in Government & Economics
Macroeconomics Course
Description (from College Board)
 The purpose of an AP course in macroeconomics is to
give students a thorough understanding of the
principles of economics that apply to an economic
system as a whole. There is no single approach that
an AP Macroeconomics course is expected to follow.
Whatever the approach, however, AP teachers are
advised to take into account certain topics
generally covered in college courses.
Course Resources
Required Text:
 McConnell & Brue. Economics: Principles, Problems, and
Policies, 17 thed.
Activities Manual:
 Morton, J.S. & Goodman, R.J.B. Advanced Placement
Economics, 3
Selected Web Resources:
 Economics (McConnell), 17th Edition Online Learning
 AP Macroeconomics Course Home Page (access via
GCHS Social Studies page)
Absences and Make-ups
 If you are legitimately absent, it is still your
responsibility to get any missed assignments, notes or
homework from a classmate or the class website. I will
try to have the week's assignments and readings
posted on my website and Twitter, so check those
often. All assignments are due the day after you return
from school.
 If you legitimately miss a test or quiz, you must make
time for the make-up. You have only one week to make
up a test or quiz.
Tests and Quizzes
 Tests will be a combination of objective multiple
choice questions and free response questions (FRQ) on
graphic analysis problems. Students will know of an
upcoming major test at least a week in advance.
Quizzes require no such advance notice, but are
usually given on assigned reading or problem sets.