Accounts Payable Training - Accounts Payable Training

Accounts Payable
Presented By
 Judy Murdoch, Accounts Payable Specialist II
[email protected]
Ext. 3951
 Marcy A. Flores, Asst. Comptroller & Dir. Of Acctg.
[email protected]
Ext. 4192
Accounts Payable Department
Organizational Chart
Outline of Topics
 Funding Sources
 Purchasing Guidelines
 Expense Object Codes
 Controlled & Capitalized Object Codes
Funding Sources
 State - Education and General (E&G)
 Local - Designated/Auxiliary
 Federal - Restricted
State Funds
 Account numbers
Range (1xxxxx – 19xxxx; 87xxxx – 879999)
 Voucher numbers
Begin with zero
 Strict Guidelines
State guidelines and law must be followed and
show direct benefit to the University
Local Funds
 Account numbers
Range (2xxxxx, 3xxxxx; 4xxxxx; 5xxxxx; 6xxxxx)
 Voucher numbers
Begin with five
 Strict Guidelines
Texas A&M University System Policies and
Regulations must be followed and show direct
benefit to the University
Federal Funds
 Account numbers
Range (40xxxx)
 Voucher numbers
Begin with five
 Strict Guidelines
Federal Fund guidelines and laws are set by the
federal program overseeing the funds.
Purchasing Guidelines
 Reviewing each Purchase Voucher
 Items to be included on a payment request
 Invoices / Receipts
 Required State Documentation
Purchasing Guidelines
 State of Texas Prompt Payment Law
30 day rule
Interest (4.25% of unpaid balance)
Disputed payments (21 days)
 Vendor Information
 Vendor and Employee Payments
Direct Deposit
Purchasing Guidelines
 Advance Payments
Prepayment Certification
 Advertising
Original Tear Sheet of Advertisement
 Aircraft Rental
Contact System Aircraft Department
Aircraft Operations-TXDOT approval
Purchasing Guidelines
 Alcoholic Beverages
Unallowable State Expenditure
With approval (gift, grant, fee funds)
 Alumni Activities
State funds may not be used for the support or
maintenance of alumni organizations or
 Audits of State Agencies
Unallowable State Expenditure
Purchasing Guidelines
 Auxiliary Enterprises
State funds may not be used for
support of auxiliary enterprises.
 Charitable Organizations
State agency may not provide money,
goods or services to a charitable
Purchasing Guidelines
 Conference Registration Fees
Advance payment (6 weeks in adv)
Required information on payment
Name of person attending;
Full name of conference;
Dates of conference;
Reason for prepayment (certification);
Purchasing Guidelines
 Employee Certification/Licensure
 Employment of Retirees
30-day rule (contact payroll)
 Flowers, Floral Arrangements, and Plants
Unallowable State Expenditure
Purchasing Guidelines
 Food Purchases
State funds (Code 4050)
(Food purchase with State funds are very limited.)
Example of allowable expenditure: Nursery School
Required documentation: purpose clearly stated.
Institutional funds
Code 6339 – Other than Business Meals
Code 6340 – Business Meals
Required documentation: Names of attendees, purpose of
business meeting.
Purchase Guidelines
 Gifts and Awards
Institutional Funds
State Funds ($100.00 ceiling)
 Honoraria or Speaking Fees
Purchasing Guidelines
 Memberships/non-professional
 Memberships/professional organizations
All memberships must be approved by Marcy
Flores, Asst. Comptroller & Dir of Acctg.
Purchasing Guidelines
 Moving Expenses
Agreement Letter along with original
 Notary Fees
Employees not required to be bonded.
Purchasing Guidelines
 Professional Services
Land Surveyor
Registered Nurse
Purchasing Guidelines
 Recruitment of Students
Unallowable State Expenditure
 Speakers
A&M System Member
 Subscriptions
Purchasing Guidelines
 Taxes – Federal and State
Exempt from most federal and state
 Tips and Gratuities
Unallowable State Expenditure
Object Codes
Supplies & Materials
Consultant Services
Professional Services
Maintenance & Repair
Other Services
3000 4000 5000 5100 5200 5350 5400 5500 5600 -
There’s More!!!!
Non Capitalized Furn. & Equipment
5700 - 5799
Non Inventoried
5750 - 5774
Rental & Leasing
5800 - 5899
5900 - 5929
6000 - 6049
6200 - 6450
Items Purchased for Resale
6900 - 6999
How to Code an Expense Properly
Remember The 5 W’s
 Who?
Who will be using it?
 What?
What is it and what is it being used for?
 Why?
Why are we purchasing it?
 When?
When will it be used?
 Where?
Where will it be used?
Travel Object Codes
3011 or 3111
Code for Airline Ticket
3025 or 3125
Service charge on airline tickets from
travel agencies
Travel Object Codes
3210- Prospective State Employee
Must submit a travel voucher listing the position they applied for in
order to be reimbursed – Cannot be reimbursed on an LDOC or a
paper Requisition
3410 - Travel Students
Conference & Registration Fees for Students (local and non-grant
3411 Travel Students
Travel agency Fees for students
Travel Object Codes
 3415 - Student Recruiting Expenses
Used for expenses incurred during the process of recruiting a prospective student
(Ex: hotel for student and parents and meals)
 6031 - Grants – Travel & other related expenses
Used for Students who are traveling and using grant funds (Ex: Special Programs
 6340 - Business meals
Example: a TAMUK faculty or staff member takes a prospective employee to lunch
or dinner. Must submit purpose of meal or agenda, list of attendees, and meal
reimbursement form indicating whether or not alcohol was purchased
Codes Related to Food
 4050 – Food Purchases (Research, Seminars, Teaching)
To record payment for the purchase of food used in a research,
seminar or teaching capacity. This code does not include
purchase of food for student activities, business meals (6340) or
animals purchased for immediate slaughter for food. (Ex:
Walmart, HEB, etc.)
 4051–Not Used
Codes Related to Food
 6338 – Catering Services
To record payment for catering or other food services provided by
any external vendor. Examples: Sodexho, Linda’s Main Street Café,
Young’s Pizza (when catering)
 6339 – Food Purchases (not business meals)
To record payment for the purchase of food. This includes purchase
of food for student activities other than room and board. Excludes
business meals (6340), food research, seminars, teaching (4050) or
animals purchased for immediate slaughter for food. ( Ex: Walmart,
HEB, Lydia’s Pizza Hut, etc. (not allowed on state accounts)
4010 – Office General
Should be used to capture
TRUE Office supplies
such as:
 Pens, pencils, paperclips,
rubber bands
 Paper, envelopes, post its,
index cards
 Folders, notebooks
 Calendars, tape, calculator
Should NOT include items
such as:
 Stapler, hole punches,
rubber stamps,
nameplates, rulers, blank
video tapes, easels (4085)
 Diskettes, computer toner,
printer cartridges, cd’s
 Printer (5760)
 Surge Protector (4090)
4011 Paper Goods & Janitorial
Should include items used for janitorial purposes
such as:
Disposable gloves
Paper Towels
Any Cleaning Solutions
Air Filters
Napkins & Paper Plates
Light Bulbs (not 4076)
4013 – Research Supplies
This code should be used
to capture TRUE Research
expenses such as:
 DNA Samples
 Test Tubes
 Jars or Viles
 Venom
 Tags for Wildlife
 Microscope
 Thermometer
Not used for items
such as:
• Freezers (5752)
• Ice Chests (5752)
• Books (5765)
• Chemicals (4040)
• File Cabinets (5750)
• Deer Feed (4055)
More Codes and Their Uses:
 4014 – Supplies Ammunition
Should be used strictly for ammunition
 4030 – Fuels and Lubricants
Should be used for items such as: grease, oil, antifreeze and fuel
additives. Should not be used for Gasoline (4036) Diesel (4037) or
Propane (4038)
 4040 – Chemicals & Gases
Should be used for items such as: dry ice, oxygen, liquid nitrogen,
refrigerant gases etc.
 4055 – Farm, Ranch and Nursery Supplies
Should include animal feed, veterinary drugs, hay, block salt, and halters.
Does not include fertilizer (4056) or pesticides(4058)
More Codes
 4076 – Building Supplies and Materials
Includes countertops, breaker boxes, electrical outlets, lumber, door
locks, paint etc.
4080 – Fabric and Linens
Includes blankets, pillow cases, fabric for theatre costumes, This
does not include uniforms (5755) or t-shirts for camp participants
And still more codes…….
 5211 – Membership Dues
Includes all Business, Technical and Professional Organizations
Must be approved by Asst. Comptroller & Dir. of Acct. (Marcy Flores)
5213 – Membership Dues Other – NOT USED
5215 – Employee Training
Registration Fees; Includes payment of registration or other
associated fees for seminars and conferences attended by state
employees. Must include names, dates, itinerary for event and no
acronyms can be used
5217 – Employee Training – Tuition – Not Used
5453 – Other Professional Services
To record payment for services rendered on a fee, contract , or
other basis by person, firm, corporation, or company recognized
as possessing a high degree of learning
5460 – Professional Services w/receipts
To record payment for services rendered on a fee, contract, or
other basis by a person, firm, corporation, or company recognized
as possessing a high degree of learning. Receipts must support
all costs – is not taxable under 1099
Ex: Hotel, meals, car rental, airfare
5760 – PC Peripherals/Add Ons $0 - $4,999.99
Used to record payment for the purchase of computer peripherals
when the single unit cost is not capitalized, controlled or required
to be reported to the State Property Accounting System. Includes
items such as: CD ROMS, controllers, docking stations, computer
5765 – Educational Books, Film & References $0 - $4,999.99
Used to record payment for books and other reference material
that are not used in a professional, academic or research library.
This includes: cassettes, reference books, slides, dictionaries,
reference material on diskettes, CD-ROMs (not blank) and videos.
 5767 – Purchase of Animals
Used to record payment for purchase of animals,
cadavers, birds, fish, mammals, reptiles, rabbits and
insects, dead or alive
 5840 – Rental of Motor Vehicles
To record payment for the rental or lease of motor
vehicles. Example: Renting a vehicle to transport non
Object Codes for Fixed Assets
 Tagging required by State regulations
 Tag number needs to be assigned and adhered
within ten days
 Will be on department physical inventory
Controlled Assets
 Items that are required to be reported to State
 Must know who is responsible for the item
 Must know where the item is at all times
Controlled Property
Controlled (at any cost)
Property Item
More Description
Hand Guns
All Hand Guns
All Rifles
Controlled ( $500.00 - $4,999.99)
Property Item
More Description
Stereo Systems
Stereo Systems
Cameras &Digital Cameras
VCR’s & Televisions
VCR’s, Televisions, DVD, Camcorders
Computers; Data Projectors
Desktop & Laptop Computers; Digital Projectors (used with
Capital Assets
 Single unit cost is $5,000 or more
Do not include cost of extended warranty
Do not include maintenance agreements
Do not include parts listed separately
Do include freight and installation cost
Capitalized Property
Property Item
More Description
Motor Vehicles – Passenger Car
Mini-Vans, Cars, Full Size Vans
Motor Vehicles – Other
Trucks, SUVs, Buses, Golf Carts, Motorcycles, Trailers, All terrain
Classroom Teaching Equipment
Lecturns, Chalkboards, Globes, Stands, Gym Equipment, Hurdles
Office Furnishings and Equipment
Bookcases, Cradenzas, Cabinets, Desks,
Medical, Scientific, and Laboratory
Oscilloscopes, Spectophotometers, Cetrifuges, Chromatographs, All Med/Sci/Lab equipment
Artifacts/Historical Treasures
Works of Art, Collections
Other Institutional Furnishings and Equipment
Printing Machines,Projectors, Stereo Syst, Cameras, TV, VCR, DVD, Camcorder, GPS
Equipment, Hand Guns, Rifles, Appliances
Shop and Industrial Equipment
Wagons, Conveyer Syst, Tractors, Machinery, Drills, Gin Mach., Grinders, Lathes, Milling,
Forklifts, Saws, Lifts, Shears, Textile Tools
Marine Equipment
Dept Finders, Buoys, Radar
Helicopter, Jet, All Aircraft
Computer Equipment
Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Drives, Printers, Scanner, Smartboards, Monitors, Docking
Station, Rack, Shelving, Chassis, Mainframe
Software, no license agreements or upgrades
All Software
Telecom Equipment
Call Distributors, Fax Machines, TTVN Equipment, Teletypes
Purchase of Boats
Boats, Boat Motors & Accessories, Ferries, Canoes
 State of Texas Purchase Policies and Procedures Guide
 The Texas A&M University System Policies and Regulations
 Texas Government Code
 Internal Revenue Service Forms and Publications
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