SAT Vocabulary 1-15

SAT Vocabulary #4 46-69
Make vocabulary cards for all of these SAT vocabulary words. An example note card is at the
bottom of the list.
46. Neurotic- an emotionally unstable person
47. Oblivion- state of being forgotten
48. Ominous- threatening
49. Orthodox- conforming to established standards
50. Perfunctory- acting routinely with little interest or care
51. Personification- attribution of personal qualities
52. Placid- peaceful, calm
53. Preclude- to make impossible
54. Presumptuous- brazenly overstepping bounds, arrogant
55. Prodigy- one with exceptional talents or powers
56. Protrusion- something sticking out
57. Quiescent- inactive, dormant
58. Remonstrate- to protest, to make objections
59. Resolute- characterized by a decided purpose
60. Respite- a rest, delay, a period of relief
61. Scrupulous- very principled, very careful and conscientious
62. Strident- loud and harsh sounding
63. Stupefy- to dull the senses as to put in a stupor
64. Sublime- exalted, noble, uplifting
65. Subtle- delicate, elusive, not obvious
66. Transmutation- a change in something different
67. Vehement- forcefully expressing emotion or conviction
68. Voracious- having a large appetite, ravenous
69. Zeal- enthusiasm, fervor
Note Card
Set up
SAT Vocabulary Word
Write a sentence using the SAT vocabulary word
*If you can’t find any synonyms, then just write the antonyms. If you can’t find any antonyms,
then just write the synonyms.
Note Card
SynonymAntonym- sound mind
emotionally unstable
Sentence: My mother is so neurotic that she is
difficult to be around.
*Make sure you color coordinate your note cards.