Jessica Exkano
English 101- Sections 40, 45, & 58
Final Exam
This semester we have discussed the politics of identity. As you know, identity construction is
a naming process. Naming helps us enter the world. Not only do we receive names from our parents, we
also receive names from society.
For each essay, using Judith Cofer’s “The Myth of the Latin Woman: How I met a girl named Maria”,
David Sedaris “I like Guys”, and Nancy Mairs, “On Being a Cripple”, 1) analyze the problems of
stereotyping and discrimination and 2) describe how each essayist deals with the naming process.
**(Each of these essays must be addressed.)
Step 1: Do an outline
Step 2: Determine a thesis
Step 3: Paper formatting.
Use MLA Format
Paper must have: Name, Instructor Name, Section Number, Date
Each paragraph must have a parenthetical citation