104KM - Research and reflection of software development

104KM - Research and reflection of software development methodology
In the following document I will be explaining the methodology related to the software
development lifecycle as well as explaining all the key stages related to the software
development lifecycle.
 What is the ‘Waterfall Model’?
The traditional software development lifecycle is known as the ‘Waterfall Model’. It is based
on a sequential design which is illustrated to show the flow of the program using the same
principal of a flowing waterfall (Wikipedia 7 November 2014). It is required for the user to
complete one stage before they can move on to next stage to ensure reliability and efficiency.
It starts with the first stage which is ‘Requirements’ and ends with the final stage which is the
‘Maintenance’. In between are these 4 stages in the following order; ‘Design’,
‘Implementation’, ’Verification’ and ‘Installation’. (Anon. n. d.)
The above image is an example off the waterfall model based on the software development
methodology. Figure 1. (Meyer Technologies 2006-2014)
This is the first phase off the waterfall model. In this phase off the waterfall model it is
essential for the requirements specifications to be created which are associated to the
software you want to develop. It is required to define the requirements in as much detail as
possible in a clear and concise manner. There are many requirements that need to be outlined
such as the usability requirements, the security requirements and the maintainability
requirements. Within this stage it is also important for the design objectives to be specified
which will help in identifying any associated risk. To complete this stage it is necessary to
have produced documentation containing all the important information associated with the
requirements stage. (Kamlash Panchal 30th September 2011)
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The second phase off the waterfall model is the design stage. The aim off this stage is to look
at how the software will be designed such as the architecture of the software with emphasis
on the network infrastructure and the user interface. This stage is directly linked to the
requirements phase as the design must fulfill all the outlined requirements. For the software
to function it is important for the users to outline all the input, processes and outputs off the
software within this stage. Once the design is complete it is important to complete another
document consisting off the design specification. It would be ideal to include a design off the
user interface as well as including the physical design off the software. (Anon. 5 March)
On the completion off the design stage with all the necessary documents having been
completed, the next stage would be to move on to the implementation of the software. Using
the design that had been created in the previous stage alongside the inputs, outputs and
processes, the implementation of the code for the program should be initiated. Within this
stage all coding associated with the software should be completed.
Once you have completed the implementation phase off the software development the next
step is to test the programs key functionality. The purpose of doing this is to ensure the key
functionality associated with the program is working correctly. The verification stage is also
used to check whether on completion off the implementation phase all the requirements and
the software design specification is met accordingly.
Installation & Maintenance
The final stage off the software development lifecycle is to install the program and provide
maintenance for any user issues. The installation phase requires a document to be created
which shows the end user off the software explaining how the installation of the software
should be carried out. Once the software has been distributed it is important for the
developers to ensure that they are providing updates based on continuous evaluation off the
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