Yr 9 HW overview Spring term Water

Geography Year 9 HW
Students will be directed by their class teacher as to when homework tasks should be
completed by.
Unit 2 – Water, Landforms and people
Task number
Homework tasks:
Spelling test. Revise the spelling
of the 6 key parts of the Water
Create a storyboard to show
the journey of a water droplet
through the drainage basin
system. Use as many key
terms as you can.
You could give your character a
name such as Walter Droplet!
Research a flood that has taken
place in an LEDC. Complete the
following tasks to create a fact
file about your chosen location.
What, where, when, why, how
Design a poster to show 5
different ways to protect a
river from flooding.
Design a poem, a rap or a jingle
to help you to remember the 4
types of weathering and the 4
types of erosion.
Practice using the field sketch
technique by using an
appropriate photograph of your
own or an image to sketch a
river landform Shade and
Make it more challenging by:
Make sure that you know the
spellings and the definitions of
the 6 key parts of the
hydrological cycle.
Link the water cycle and the
drainage basin together to create
a more detailed story board.
Compare the issues faced by
LEDCs and MEDCs when dealing
with flooding. Use the case study
from the lesson and your LEDC
case study to help you to explain
the differences and the
similarities between how the two
locations dealt with the problems.
Put the 5 different flood
protection methods in rank order
to explain how effective they will
be at reducing flooding in an
LEDC. Explain the reasons for
your choices.
annotate the sketch carefully
using key terms.
Research a waterfall that is
used for tourism. Explain how
this waterfall is being used. You
should include a map of the
location for the Waterfall and a
photograph of the waterfall
Find a map of the River Severn
and label any examples of Ox
Bow Lakes that you can see.
Imagine that you are a farmer
living on the Bangladesh River
Delta. Write a diary extract to
discuss your issues with living in
this location. Imagine that you
are aware a storm is coming.
Imagine that you live on the
Mississippi River Delta.
Research the terrible events
that took place in 2005. Compile
a fact file of information to
explain what happened. Use
these headings, what, where,
when, why, how.
Describe the positive and negative
issues around using a natural
feature such as a waterfall for
tourism purposes.
Research an image of two other
river landforms.
Explain how you think they should
control the Mississippi in the
future and why?
Set 1 should aim to complete at least 4 challenging tasks over the topic.
Set 2 should aim to complete at least 3 challenging tasks over the topic.
Set 3 should aim to complete at least 2 challenging task over the topic.