Urban Patterns

Urban Patterns
Essential Questions
What is urbanization and
what are its characteristics?
Why do inner cities and
suburbs have distinctive
Land Use
People use land….
For hunting &
For agriculture
For cities
Of, relating to,
or located in a
– large size,
high density,
Way Back When…
 First cities appeared in SW Asia
more than 5,000 years ago.
 City life became possible when
there was a surplus of food and
some people did not need to
farm any longer.
 They became weavers,
merchants, traders, government
& religious officials, etc.
List It
 What factors might influence a city’s location?
Write It
 Would you rather live in a rural area or the city?
 Write down your answer and a few sentences explaining
your answer (advantages & disadvantages).
Activity Time
 Create a list of Kentucky’s largest cities.
 How many are there?
 What factors influence their location?
 Where are they located in relation to each other?
 Where are small ones located in relation to large ones?
 Pick one city on your list and analyze its location by
listing factors that influenced that city’s development.
Activity Time
 Using the Venn Diagram template, compare and contrast
the differences between urban and rural areas.
 Physical
 Social
 Economic/land use
 Population
 Problems
List it
What problems do you think
the city of _________ faces?
Urban Problems
 Transportation (roads,
 Social – POVERTY (lack of
good jobs & housing)
 Environmental – air, water, &
land pollution
(sanitation/sewers, fresh
drinking water)
Urban Sprawl
 The development of new housing sites in less dense
areas not connected to the existing built-up area
 What promotes urban sprawl?
 Automobile
 Mass Transit
Urbanization: Pro & Con
Fewer people in rural areas
Better for forests, soil,
Lower family sizes
Better education
Better health
Hazards of site
Loss of land
Outlying areas more
susceptible to landslides,
floods, storms, earthquakes
Farmland lost (US=1
million acres/year;
China=3x as much
Changed land cover
Natural landscape becomes
cultural (pavement,
buildings), more pollutants
Activity Time
 World City
 Choose one city you think is a world city.
 Create an information brochure about the city –
including population statistics, name and description of
large businesses or organizations headquartered there,
and other interesting info.
 Mention nearby cities that are economically or socially
tied to your city.
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