cells prokaryote - Amundsen High School

Draw and label a diagram
of the ultrastructure of
Escherichia coli (E. coli)
as an example of a
Annotate the diagram of
the ultrastructure of E.
coli with the functions of
each named structure.
Plasmids: Very small, circular pieces of DNA that can
be transferred from one bacteria to another during
conjugation. Can contain beneficial genes, such as
those for antibiotic resistance. Used in creating
recombinant DNA/genetic engineering.
Conjugation: The transfer of genetic material
between bacterial cells by direct cell-to-cell contact
or by a bridge-like connection between two cells.
Identify structures from
electron micrographs of E.
State that prokaryotic
cells divide by binary
IB Biology Drawing rules: “All Drawings”
1. Are done with a sharp pencil line on white, unlined
2. Occupy at least half a page, centered on the page.
3. Include labels written off straight, horizontal lines to
the right of the side of the drawing. The labels should
form a vertical list.
4. Are accurate: draw what you see as you see it, not
what you imagine should be there.
5. Include a title that states what has been drawn and
what lens power it was drawn under; the title must be
informative, centered, and larger than other text.
6. Have a scale that indicates how many times larger the
drawing is compared to life size and a scale line that
indicates relative size.”