Waqf Project Nomination Form

Waqf 2015 Project Proposal Nomination Form
1. The IRS must consider the beneficiary organization a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization at the
time of nomination and at the time funds are received.
2. The beneficiary organization must be a Muslim-led organization.
3. The beneficiary organization must agree to the terms and conditions of the Waqf Group for
administering and reporting on the endowment and the project it is supporting. The nomination
form must include a contact person from the management of the proposed beneficiary
organization who is knowledgeable about the project and the applicable terms, should their
organization be selected as the winner.
4. The nominated project must be fully sponsored by the endowment, meaning the cost
of project being sponsored must be less than or equal to the agreed upon yearly
return of the endowment. The project CANNOT be co-sponsored/partially sponsored
by other funds.
5. The project must recur annually and hence, cannot be a onetime event.
6. The endowed project must be a U.S. based project and all endowment funds must be
utilized within the U.S.
7. The Waqf should not be used to fund the organization’s administrative or operational costs or
simply as a general donation; the Waqf must be used for a specific project.
8. The beneficiary organization must agree to be bound by a Trust Agreement that encompasses
the aforementioned terms.
Select one:
Participating Contributor to Waqf
Affiliated with nominee organization
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Nominated Organization Information:
Organization’s Name:
Phone Number:
Tax ID#:
Is this organization’s 501(c)(3) status current with the IRS?
Is this organization in good standing in its state of incorporation and state(s) of operation?
Please provide a brief summary of purpose of the organization and its activities in the last two years:
Does the nominated organization have any paid staff members or is it purely volunteer-run?
What is the leadership structure of the organization?
Who implements the project that is proposed? (Staff, volunteers, Board members etc.)
How is the organization currently funded?
Officer from the Organization who is aware of this nomination and the project that is proposed to be
funded through the Waqf:
Contact Details (include email and phone #):
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Nomination Summary
What project will the endowment support? (Please be as detailed and specific as possible.)
Please include in your answer
What particularly the endowment would sponsor;
How the services are rendered;
How often are they rendered;
Any applicable project history; and
Any details that help explain the project and how it fits into the project criteria above.
How much is the expected cost of this project?
(Please provide a breakdown of this estimate and any historical cost breakdown if available)
What Islamic values do you think the project embodies?
Why do you (the nominator) want to support this particular project?
Does the organization currently meet all the criteria listed on the first page of this form? If not, please
Please provide a 1-sentence summary for each of the following:
(This will be shared with the voters as an introduction to the formal nomination form)
The Organization
The Project
Please feel free to add any supporting comments below: (These comment may be shared with the
voters to help them understand this nomination better.)
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Optional (This will not affect the nomination process and will not be made public to the voters)
Would the organization contribute towards the endowment?
Is the project Zakat Eligibe? If yes, how was this determined?
I have collaborated with the management of the aforementioned organization in
preparing this nomination form for the funding of the proposed project as described
The information I am submitting is accurate to the best of my knowledge. If I learn that
any of the representation included in this form change or turn out to be inaccurate
during the nomination and selection process, I will inform The Waqf Group immediately.
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