Homework Questions for Y4 : Spring Term 1 2015

Homework Questions for Y4 : Summer Term 1 2015
Topic – Funny Bones
Week 1 23rd April What leisure facilities do we have access to in the local
area? How would you promote one of these facilities?
This week, we have been thinking about leisure facilities in our local area. We drew
maps to show where they were in Gateshead. In order to answer this question, you
might like to make a poster, leaflet, write a newspaper article or make an advert. I’m
sure you will have many ideas of your own.
Week 2
Why do humans have bones and muscles in their bodies?
Week 3
Do all animals have bones?
Week 4
What effect does exercise have on our bodies?
This week, we began thinking about our bodies. Why do we have bones?
What are their names? What would our bodies be like, if we didn't have
bones? In order to answer this question, you might like to write a report,
make a model to explain why we need bones or draw and label a diagram,
These are only suggestions, I'm sure you have many ideas of your own.
We already know that humans have skeletons but do all animals have
a skeleton? In order to answer this question, you might like to show
pictures of different animals make an information text or use ICT to
share your findings.
This is the final homework question of the half term. Is exercise good for you? How
much exercise should you do? What are the benefits/disadvantages of exercise? You
might like to link this with question 1.
Week 5
Week 6
Homework star this half term was/ were