Seeds Powerpoint - Silver Sage FFA

To increase the number of plants,
reproducing plants
Sexual Propagation
Propagation with seed
Asexual Propagation
Propagation without seed
Fast way to get many plants
Easy to do
Some plants do not reproduce
true to parents.
Some plants are difficult to
propagate from seeds.
Direct Sow - Seeds are sown
directly in container in which they
are grown
Indirect Sow – Seeds are sown
in one container and transplanted
to another after their true leaves
Monocot – Produce one
seed leaf.
Example: Corn
Dicot – Produce two seed
Example: Bean
Mature Seed – Stage where
a seed can be removed from
the plant without hurting its
Viable Seed – Seeds that
are live and will germinate.
Seed Coat – Outside
covering of the seed which
protects the embryonic plant.
Cotyledon – The first leaves
to appear on a plant; seed
Embryo – The new plant that
is developed as a result of
fertilization (the seed).
Endosperm – Food storage
tissue which nourishes the
embryonic plant during
Epicotyl – The stem located
above the cotyledons of a
Hypocotyl – The stem tissue
located between the seedling
root and the cotyledons.
Radicle – The primary
seedling root. (turns into the
primary root)
Scarification – Scratching,
chipping, or nicking of the
seed coat of certain seeds to
promote germination.
Stratification – Exposing
seeds to cool temperatures,
35-50F, for a period of time to
break dormancy.
Planting seeds
When the young plant
breaks the soil surface.
Germination Rate - % of
seeds that germinate
EX: 75 out of 100 = 75%
Plant 500 seeds, 350 germinate, what is
the germination rate?
Answer: 350/500 = 70%
If you have a 75% germination rate and
plant 240 seeds how many will
Answer: 240/x = 75% so 240 * .75 = 180
You have 679 seeds germinate with a
germination rate of 85% how many
seeds did you plant?
Answer: x * .85 = 679 so 679/.85 = 798.82 = 799
The Order of seed
Seedlings – Young plants
which have germinated for
several days.
Seed Leaves – 1st set of
leaves to appear, usually
rounded or oval.
True Leaves – 2nd set of
leaves to appear, usually look
like plant’s adult leaves.
Transplant when the first
true leaves appear.
Harden off – Reduction of
water, humidity, and
temperature to prepare for