Camacho_ presentation event sevilla

Charo Camacho
International Project Manager
Events to be organized in Seville. (30th/09/13 & 1-2/10/13)
1st SCM
Knowledge fair
CREAMED: Knowledge Transfer Seminar
1st SCM
Knowledge fair
1st DAY
2nd DAY
CREAMED Knowledge Transfer seminar
3rd DAY
30th/09/13 Conference
Duration: 5 hours (09.00 to
10 projects
Target group: Public bodies and
regional stakeholders
Objective: Presenting the “origin”
outputs provided by SHAPES
Governance Models
12’ presentations/15 outputs + 20´ general
overview presentation
Speakers/participants: SHAPES partners
Venue: IAT
Language: English/Spanish (simultaneous
translation services)
Dissemination: IAT (and partners) mailing
list, IAT e-magazine, Twitter :@IAT …
Partners will be provided with a check list, that they will fill in
with their choices for the KF. IAT will collect all partner’s
preferences to organize the schedule to be followed during
the afternoon.
Questionnaire to be completed by attendees in order to
identify needs and interests (local open forum)
Registration: IAT ‘s site
All attendees should register in advance!
30th/09/13 Conference: Structure based
on the 3 main categories
Online services
Governance models
and methodologies
Produced Knowledge
Direct Support
1 de Octubre. Conference
• 9:15 Welcoming – IAT
• 9.30 Presentation of the MED Sha.p.e.s. – Sharing prior excellence and support for the MED creative asset –ANCI LAZIO• 10:00 Presentation of the "origin" outputs/results for being capitalized
Governance models and methodologies
• 10:10-10:30h InFLOWence:
→ Model for valuation and simulation of quality of living environments. (1)
→ Tested methodology about the involvement of the local stakeholders in a process finalized to create a common vision of local
development based on local resources and environmental sustainability. (2)
• 10:30-10:40h INN EU: methodology and a cluster of indicators to measure the local level of innovation (3)
• 10:40-10:50h: Questions
• 10:50-11:20h Coffee Break
Produced Knowledge Direct Support
• 11:15-11:35h CreaMED:
→ Methodology and specific training designed to train companies in the creative process and creative tools to solve daily company’s
problems or to generate new ideas.(4)
→ Open Book. Publication collecting the main creative experiences in all areas from the different regions involved in CreaMED.(5)
• 11:35-11:55h TexmedIn:
→ Digital Library. A database and a methodology to valorize the cultural and industrial heritage to boost excellence of European SMEs (6)
→ Design Challenge. Format for collecting excellent proposal of creative business all around the Mediterranean area.(7)
• 11:55-12:05h Smart+: Methodology for strategic exchange of good practices for the improvement of the SMEs innovation capacity (8)
• 12:05-12:15h DigiBit : Report on the analysis of the technological needs of Creative SMes and report on the financial opportunities that
Creative SMEs can use at local level (9)
• 12:15-12:25h: Questions
Online services
• 12:30-12:50h KnowInG:
→ Resource Centre and On-line communities. Tools for providing on-line services and capitalizing all services that the different projects
produce using a meta-platform (the resource centre) (10)
→ Laboratories of creativeness and on-line communities created on the social networks (11)
• 12:50-13:00h InFLOWence: Business incubator for transnational cultural cluster. Ongoing platform online acting as a community
giving the opportunity for transnational business networking and EU market cooperation.(12)
• 13:00-13:10h Hidden: Innovation toolbox. Tools for business multifunction organizational innovation provided online. it provide insights and
tools that will promote organisational innovation and marketing innovations. (13)
• 13:10-13:20h Innsmed: eMarketplace adaptable to Creativity. Intelligent on-line directory to be adapted to creativity market.(14)
• 13:20-13:30h SCORE: Virtual community of the key stakeholders to assess and promote innovative technologies. (15)
• 13:40-13:50h: Questions
• 14:00 Clousure
1st/10/13 Knowledge Fair
Duration: 2 hours (16.00 to 18:00)
Target Group: Project partners.
Objective: To present origin outputs to
other partners, sharing existing knowledge
and experiences
Venue: IAT/ EEC Hall
Material: posters, identifying panels,
stands, pc/laptops, internet and any other
partner’s requirement (questionnaire)
Each project will have a 1,25x60 stand
dully identified with a panel/banner
(project corporate image) and their
corresponding outputs’ badges (per
partner and result to be shared).
Schedule proposed: Speed dating (it will
depends on the partners’ choices
preferences check list.
2nd/10/13. CREAMED Knowledge
Transfer seminar
Methodological Approach
Duration: 3/4 hours - morning Directed to: Project partners interested
in CREAMED training methodology.
training methodology, designed by IAT
to ensure a correct and autonomous
implementation in enterprises located
in partners’ regions
Venue: IAT
2nd/10/13. CREAMED Knowledge Transfer
Methodological Approach