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School Name: North Lawndale College Preparatory High School Group Name: TBD Goals:   To increase student intervention in peer conflicts and disruptive classroom behavior by providing students with appropriate leadership and conflict resolution skills. To facilitate the creation of a student led project for continuing leadership. Target Group: NLCP Sophomores Data to Identify Students: Counselor and teacher recommendations and student interviews. School Counselor(s) ASCA Domain, Standard and Student Competency Brea Adams PS:A1.1 PS:A1.2 PS:A2.1 PS:C1.4 PS:B1.8 PS:B1.6 PS:B1.3 PS:B1.4 PS:A2.6 PS:C1.10 PS:C1.6 PS:C1.5 PS:B1.5 PS:B1.12

Outline of Group Sessions to be Delivered Pre-Group Meeting: Review of group expectations, group agreements and confidentiality agreement. Parent consent forms will be distributed and Leadership Traits Questionnaire and Conceptualizing Leadership Questionnaire will be given as an assignment. Name of group will also be decided. Group 1: This session will focus on rights and responsibilities in school and how to advocate for oneself when speaking with disruptive peers. This group will explore the qualities of an ideal classroom. Students will also share reflections from the leadership questionnaires.

Resources Needed Leadership Traits Questionnaire Conflict Styles Questionnaire Core Values Questionnaire These questionnaires can be found at: http://www.s orthouseintro 2e/study/reso urces.htm Post-It Poster Tablet Process Data (Projected number of students affected) 5% percent of the sophomore class (6-8 students) will participate in the Student Leadership Groups. Perception Data (Type of surveys to be used) The Leadership Traits questionnaire will be completed before and after the group and should represent an increase in leadership skills as self-reported by students and observed by staff. Anecdotal reports from teachers should include increased peer intervention in the classroom. Outcome Data (Achievement, attendance and/or behavior data to be collected) The number of write-ups will decrease by 20% and the number of sophomore incidences (i.e. fights and arguments) will decrease be up.

cause students will intervene before teachers or staff become involved and complete a formal write Project Start/Project End April 15 27 th th 2014 2014- May

Group 2: This session will explore common problems with peers in the building and how to more effectively deal with conflict between peers whether one is involved or not. Group 3: This session will focus on identifying adult allies and appropriate times for reaching out for adult support. Group 4: This session will serve as a reflection on the skills that have been acquired throughout the group process. This session will also serve as a time to set goals about how those skills will be used in the future. Group 5: This group will meet several weeks after the termination of the group to check in and see how students are applying what they learned and to discuss difficulties and successes since the termination of the group.

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