Name: : : World Geography Unit 5: Atlas Activity Pg. 382 & 383

World Geography
Unit 5: Atlas Activity
Pg. 382 & 383
Which areas have the highest elevation? (which mountain chains)
2. Which physical feature has the highest elevation?
3. Which areas have the lowest elevation?
4. Which strait separates the southern tip of Europe and the northern tip of Africa?
5. Which canal connects the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea?
6. Why are only parts of several countries in North Africa separated by the Transition Zone?
7. Do you think the line that marks the Transition Zone will move? Why or why not?
8. Which canal is located in this region?
9. What is the main river system in Egypt?
Pg. 384 &385
10. Which is the predominant climate in this region?
11. Which major line of latitude passes through North Africa?
12. How is land being used in much of North Africa?
13. Where are most manufacturing and trade centers located?
14. Compare the vegetation map to the economic activity map. Which type of vegetation supports
livestock raisin?
Pg. 386
15. Which countries in the region are most densely populated?
16. What are North Africa’s largest cities?
17. Where are North Africa’s largest cities located?