It is our pleasure to provide a short presentation of the
Creditworthy Industry Credit Group Program. Creditworthy
has combined the internet and advanced database
programming to improve information gathering, storage
and delivery of valuable credit information to group
members. The result provides many
exciting benefits to the membership.
Thank You!
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A secure environment is provided.
Group Headquarters
The starting point for all group activities.
Credit Reports
Credit Reports provide a wealth of information to the members.
The information is derived from the accumulation of demographic
information, trade experience and alerts. Trade experience records
are kept for 5 years, and information is displayed in summary and
detailed format.
Credit Report – Top
The top of the report shows demographic info, access to
Public Co Info and Yearly Pay History Index
Public Co info
Demographic info
5 years of trade
experience provide
valuable pmt trends!
Credit Report – Bottom
Bottom of the report shows the Monthly Trade Experience Summary.
This will summarize up to 18 months of trade experience records.
Click on the month
To obtain detailed info
Credit Report – Detail
The detailed report displays all information submitted by each member
Public Company Information
Public company information is available on most U.S. and Canadian
public companies. Information available includes financial statements,
7 year trend analysis, charts, news and industry comparison reports.
This information is easy to obtain – just provide the ticker symbol!
Financial Statements
Access 10Q and 10K reports
7 Year Trend Analysis
7 year trend analysis provides both annual and quarterly data.
Alerts can be sent to all members of the group on a real time basis.
Members receive email notification and the alert is
displayed on the Alert List and also in the Credit Report
Alerts – List
All alerts are maintained on the Alert List for 30 days.
They also are displayed on the Credit Report
Meetings are one of the most important parts of group activities.
The program assists the members with 4 tasks:
1. Meeting Announcement
3. Report Experience
2. Submit list of names
4. View / Print meeting results
Meetings – Main Page
Members must submit a list of customers, report their
experience and then view and print the results.
Meetings - Submit Names
Members select the companies to be discussed during the meeting
Click on box to add
Name to the meeting list
Meetings – Trade Experience
Member can manually enter trade experience or
upload records electronically to the database
Enter manually or upload
Meetings – View Meeting
Once all the members have submitted their trade experience,
they can view and print the results to bring to the meeting
Trade Experience
The program allows members to request trade experience between
meetings if the customer record is out of date or brand new. The
request is sent by email to all members. This is an especially
important feature on groups whose members do not upload their
trade experience records each month.
Trade Experience – Submit
Members can manually submit experience or upload it electronically.
Customer Information
Members can add new customers manually or when records
are uploaded electronically. Customer information can also
be edited and deleted (must be approved by host).
Customer Reports
There are 7 valuable customer reports available in
addition to the Credit Report. These include Alert,
High Credit, Balance, Past Due, Pay History
and Public Company Reports.
Monthly Pay History Report
This report is one example of the many reports available. It ranks all
customers according to how they pay (DBT)
Sorted by DBT
Group Headquarters
We have returned to Group Headquarters. Take note that we have only covered a
portion of the features available. Some of the best is yet to come.
Additional Features
• Industry Info – allows the group to maintain outside web sites that are
important to the group.
• Account Monitoring – This program allows members to monitor a list
of customers and then each month the program will send out an
electronic file with the previous month’s pay history record for those
• Member Info – Displays information on each member of the group. It
is a good way to get to know the other members.
• Schedule of Events – Shows future events
• Transfer Program – Provides instructions on how to electronically
transfer records into the group database
• IICG Instructions – Provide online instruction.
More Features
• Powerful Search Capabilities – Search by name, DBA, principals, city,
state, etc.
• Customer Maintenance – Powerful tools to locate duplicate customers
and to merge records
• Administration – Many powerful admin programs.
• Member Participation - Reports can determine member participation.
• Customer Web Sites – Access customer web sites directly from
• Much more . . . .
In order for each person to feel comfortable using the program,
members will want to learn as much as they can. Creditworthy
will offer several methods of education, including email, online
courses, education at meetings and one on one sessions.
Help Desk
We maintain an office in Florida and Oregon and have people
available to assist the members when there are questions or
In addition, we offer computer, program and internet maintenance
on a 24/7 basis.
Program Used By Many Groups
The Creditworthy Industry Credit Group Program is used by over 35
groups, including groups from 8 NACM affiliates & FCIB
NACM Connecticut
NACM S Texas
NACM San Diego
NACM St Louis
NACM Colorado
Two groups from Canada are also using program
Canada Raw Material Chemical
Canada Plastics Group
Thank You
Thanks for viewing the online presentation of the
Creditworthy Industry Credit Group Program.
For more information, please contact
Rich Hill at 503-694-5897 or richh@creditworthy.com
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