three easy steps to a great home show!

Premier Designs
High Fashion Jewelry
Hostess Booklet
Cookie Strickland
[email protected]
Dear New Hostess,
I am so glad that you have decided to have your own Premier
Designs Home Show. You and your guests will have SO much
fun with all of the jewelry!
During your show, we will talk about fashion tips, new and
innovative ways to wear your Premier jewelry and also allow
your guests to experiment and try on the jewelry for
themselves. We will definitely have LOTS of FUN!
This notebook contains lots of useful information to help make
your show a GREAT success. Please return it back to me the
night of the show, so I may use if again for another hostess.
(Possibly one of your guests will host a party herself!)
I’m looking forward to working with you and helping you to earn
TONS of FREE JEWELRY, which is certainly the BEST part!
Please let me know if I can help to answer any questions
before your show. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon!
Best wishes,
Cookie Strickland
[email protected]
Our goal is for you and your guests to have fun at your show and for you to earn as much
half-price and free jewelry as possible. You will accomplish this by following these
Things to do before the show:
Step #1 – Personally invite each guest with enthusiasm! Remember, only 1/3 of those
you invite are usually able to make it on the selected date. Over inviting is the key
to attendance.
You may want to tell your guests:
1. Premier offers high fashion jewelry with a guarantee against manufacturing defects.
2. 85% of the jewelry is priced under $35
3. Assure your guests “there is no pressure to buy.”
4. There will be helpful hints on accessorizing
5. Your guests should wear solid color tops for trying on the jewelry.
Step #2 – Obtain $100 in advance orders before the show
It’s Worth Your Time! Personally pass the catalog around and point out the guarantees on
the back cover. This $100 in advance orders guarantees you $80 in free jewelry!
The regular hostess reward of 30% of the $100 sales in free jewelry , plus a $25 bonus
for getting the $100 in advance orders, plus a $25 bonus for having your show on the
originally scheduled date.
Getting $100 in advance orders will qualify your show. (The deadline for advance orders
is the night of your show.)
Step #3 – Make 24-48 hour reminder phone calls.
This will greatly affect your attendance! Many times people who intend to come or have
responded will forget an are appreciative of the reminder.
Phone verbiage: Simply say, “I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at my jewelry show.
Don’t forget to wear a solid color top. I’m counting on you to be a model. And, please feel
free to bring a friend.”
Cookie Strickland
[email protected]
Your Hostess Benefits
You receive 30% of your *Total Sales in
$100 Total Sales = $30 in FREE JEWELRY
$300 Total Sales = $90 in FREE JEWELRY
$500 Total Sales = $150 in FREE JEWELRY
*Total Sales includes: Advance orders, Home Show Orders, and Hostess ½ price orders
You may purchase 4-8 items
at ½ Price determined by the total
Retail Sales of your Home Show!
$100-$300 Retail Sales = 4 Items
$300-$500 Retail Sales = 6 Items
Over $500 Retail Sales = 8 Items
You can earn $100 in Hostess
Bonus Certificates
for Premier Designs Jewelry!
$25 – For holding a home show on originally scheduled date
$25 – For having $100 in Advance Orders before your Home Show
$25 – For having 10 adult guests in attendance at your Home Show
$25 – For 3 future bookings from guests attending your Home Show
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 to fill up you Jewelry Box!
Cookie Strickland
[email protected]
Frequently Asked Hostess Questions
Is there a minimum number of guests required to hostess a party?
Absolutely not! Whether there are two guests or ten, your Premier Jeweler will come share fabulous jewelry
and fashion tips for your guests. Remember though, you do receive a $25 bonus when you have ten or more
adult guests.
Can I collect orders after the show?
YES! You will still receive 30% of the total sales from your show, which will include all orders received in
advance, during and after your show.
Do I receive the $25 on all outside orders of $100 or more?
No. This $25 dollar bonus applies only to “advance orders placed prior to the start of your show.
How much will I owe for my “free” jewelry?
As a Premier Hostess, you pay a $4 shipping fee and tax only – on your free and half-price jewelry.
What refreshments should I serve?
The more refreshments you have, the lower your sales tend to be. I suggest a plate of cookies and soft drinks
or coffee. Please avoid greasy and salty items as they tend to get on the jewelry.
Are children permitted to attend?
Premier has no policy against children attending the show. However, please keep in mind that children can be
distracting and ultimately affect the atmosphere at your show.
When is payment for product expected?
It is Premier’s policy that payment be made at the show. Any advance orders must also be paid prior to the start
of the show.
Is the jewelry in the catalog shown in it’s actual size?
Yes! Unless otherwise noted to show detail.
What do I do at my show?
Serve the refreshments as your guests arrive. Stay at the display table at shopping time, your guests will go
where you go! Encourage your guests to book a home show of their own!
10. What does “closing the show” mean?
Once all the orders have been collected, and sales have been totaled, your jeweler will have you choose your
half price and free jewelry. This may be don in person or via telephone.
11. How long will it take to receive my order?
Eight to ten business days. Orders are submitted to Premier Designs once all checks and credit cards have
been processed.
Cookie Strickland
[email protected]
Frequently Asked Guest Questions And Dealing With Guest Objections
What kind of jewelry is it?
Premier Designs offers a line of high fashion jewelry, which make up 75% of the jewelry market. It can be
spotted on fashion models, talk show hosts, politicians, and Hollywood stars! It gives you the versatility to
create many different looks using the most basic wardrobe.
Will it turn?
Do you usually have a problem with jewelry? All Premier Designs jewelry is made with actual layers of sterling
silver and fourteen carat gold. Premier Designs has one of the highest standards in the industry and stands
behind its product with a wonderful Golden Guarantee.
What is the average cost of Premier Designs?
85% of the Premier Design jewelry is $35 and under. (Jewelry ranges from $8 to $81)
How long is the show?
By the time refreshments are served, the presentation is given, the jewelry is tried on and everyone has
enjoyed each other’s company, plan on one and a half to two hours of fun!
Can I bring my childen?
It’s Mom’s Time Out! Try to avoid having children 5 and under at the show.
If I can’t make the show, can you bring me a catalog afterwards?
Absolutely! But, I can only receive extra credit for all sales made prior to the start of the show. Can I bring you a
catalog so you can place your order before my show?
I already have SO much jewelry.
That’s great! Maybe you’ll find something to update your jewelry wardrobe and mix and match with your other
items. Will you be one of my models since you LOVE jewelry so much?!
I only wear the real thing!
That’s wonderful! Premier Designs has found that women like you love their jewelry. Besides mixing fine
jewelry with high fashion jewelry to get new updated looks, they love to travel with it. Their jewelry is designed
to look like the real thing.
I’m allergic…
Premier has something called soft spots. They cover the backs of earrings.
10. I’m sorry, but I’m really busy and can’t fit another thing into my schedule.
I know how you feel. But, I’ve found that spending a little time on myself helps relieve my stress and is both
relieving and revitalizing! Plus, you’ll get to spend time with other women and have a girl’s night out! Doesn’t
that sound fun! You deserve a break – and it’s only a couple of hours, tops!
Cookie Strickland
[email protected]
20 Reasons The Premier
Opportunity May Be For You
You are your own Boss and YOU set your own hours
2. No inventory or quotas
3. No selling skills needed (Just show it and it sells itself!)
4. You can WEAR your samples
5. You do not have to deliver any of the jewelry
6. No territories for sales or sponsoring
7. Unbelievable Hostess Plan!
8. Premier PAYS for Hostess’ FREE Jewelry!
9. Outstanding quality product that ladies LOVE!
10. Incredible Golden Guarantee
11. Achievable contests for jewelry, trips, cash and more!
12. National Recognition for your achievements
13. Ground level opportunities
14. Your OWN independence!
15. Friendship with hostesses, customers, and other jewelers
16. Challenging, yet simple business
17. Home office support
18. Easy to use software program to process orders and keep track of
19. Fun and easy to learn with great training, AND
What do you think? If you or someone you know would like to explore Premier Designs
and its wonderful opportunity, please let me know. I love referrals!
Thank you for helping me and my business grow!
Cookie Strickland
[email protected]
Potential Income in Premier
Retailing – Average Gross Profit is approximately $200 per Home Show!
1 Home Show a month = $200 x 12 months = $2,400 a year
2 Home Shows a month = $400 x 12 months = $4,800 a year
4 Home Shows a month = $800 x 12 months = $9,600 a year
6 Home Shows a month = $1,200 x 12 months = $14,400 a year
8 Home Shows a month = $1,600 x 12 months = $19,200 a year
* To build a great business, you need to hold 6 – 8 home shows a month
Sponsoring – Average Active Jeweler will probably make you $50 - $65 a month!
1 Jeweler = $50 - $65 per month x 12 months = $600 - $780 per year
10 Jewelers = $500 - $650 per month x 12 months = $6,000 - $7,800 per year
25 Jewelers = $1,250 - $1,625 per month x 12 months = $15,000 - $19,500 per year
50 Jewelers = $2,500 - $3,250 per month x 12 months = $30,000 - $39,000 per year
100 Jewelers = $5,000 - $6,500 per month x 12 months = $60,000 - $78,000 per year
200 Jewelers = $10,000 - $13,000 per month x 12 months = $120,000 - $156,000 per year
NOTE: These figures are for illustration purposes only and are not intended in any way to represent guaranteed income or profit.
Think it’s too good to be true? It’s really not!
According to the DSA (Direct Selling Association):
50% of representatives make less than $500 per year
40% of representatives make between $500 - $5,000 per year
90% of representatives make less than $5,000 per year
If the average gross profit per Home Show is $200 and the average Jeweler does only 3 -4 shows a month, that
equals $600 - $800 x 12 months = $7,200 - $9,600 a year!
That means the average Premier Jeweler makes more than 90% of the
other representatives in Direct Sales!!!
What could you do with Premier? It depends on how much time you want to devote!
5 hours a week = Hobby Level (1 show, make a little extra money)
10 hours a week = Part Time (2 shows, make enough for bills, small items)
15+ hours a week = Full Time (3+ shows, replace full time income)
Our Quick Start Program allows you to pay off your initial start up fee within 45 days or less!
In this program, you also earn $200 - $300 in additional FREE JEWELRY to add to your kit!
You could easily start making a profit within your first 30 – 45 days!
* In most cases if you do 6 – 9 shows in 45 days, you should pay off your initial investment and turn a profit!
For more information on this exciting opportunity to own your own business,
please contact me at the information below:
Cookie Strickland
[email protected]