Quadrilateral Project

Geometry Chapter 6 - Quadrilateral Project
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Due 12/03/2014
Your task is to examine properties of real life quadrilaterals. You will need to find
some type of figure (like a bridge, or side of a building) that uses one type of
quadrilateral in its structure. You will then examine, measure, and analyze properties
of quadrilaterals before writing up a report.
Find some type of figure in real life that has a quadrilateral in the structure-you can
choose which ever shape you like. Walk around your neighborhood, go downtown,
look for signs, find a bridge, or find some kind of fence-these are just a few examples
of where to find quadrilaterals in real life. Next, take a picture of it and measure the
sides, angles, and diagonals. Finally, write a report discussing some of the aspects that
you learned.
• This project must be typed and printed out. Use the computer lab or go to a
library if you do not have access to a printer and/or computer.
• You must include this grade sheet or your project will not be graded.
• Answer the following questions and explain in complete sentences.
Questions to Answer
1. What type of figure did you choose? Provide a picture of it and describe it in your
project report.
2. What are the dimensions of the sides and the measure of the angles?
3. What are the dimensions of the diagonals? Do they bisect each other?
4. What are the dimensions of both parts of each pair of diagonal?
5. Do all of your measurements have relationships discussed in the theorems from unit
6. Which theorem applies directly to the figure that you have chosen?.
7. What theorem of diagonals applies to your figure?
8. What type of angle relationship does your figure have? Are opposite angles
congruent? Are
consecutive angles supplementary?
9. What type of segment relationship does your figure have? Are opposing segments
10. What other special things can you say about your figure?
11. Summarize all of your findings in a short paragraph. Does this geometry stuff
make sense?
12. End the report making some kind of statement quadrilaterals that are used in real
_ /20 Details- student follows all of the directions in the details column.
_ /20 Questions- student answered all of the questions listed.
_ /20 Content- student does a thorough job of explaining all aspects of quadrilaterals.
_ /20 Theorems- student uses the correct theorems relating to quadrilaterals.
_ /10 Image- student provides an image of the real life quadrilateral they are
_ /10 Coherence- students presents clear explanations, good grammar, and logical