4.G.2 - Grade 4 Common Core Math

Compare and classify quadrilaterals by length of sides and types of angles (Include
the symbol <ABC)
MSA Assessment Limit: Use squares, rectangles, rhombi, parallelograms, and trapezoids.
Activity 1
 Give students four popscicle sticks to use to create quadrilaterals. Complete the chart that
classifies the quadrilateral’s attributes.
Parallel Sides
Congruent Sides
Right Angles
Activity 2
 Have students use the shapes found on the attached page to sort when solving the riddles.
i.e.: 1. I am a quadrilateral with all right angles. Students will find the square. Take this
opportunity to discuss how a square is a rectangle.
2. I am a quadrilateral with all sides equal. Students will find the rhombus and the
square. Take this opportunity to discuss the differences and similarities between the two
3. I am a quadrilateral with at least one acute angle. Students will find a parallelogram,
rhombus, and a trapezoid. This will lead to a great discussion of the why a square and
rectangle are not selected.
Activity 3
 Give students index cards. On the blank side have them illustrate a quadrilateral in real life
(spaces on a checkerboard: square, skyscraper: rectangle, desk top: rectangle,
trapezoid table trapezoid, side of a roof of a house: parallelogram, etc.) On the lined
portion of the index card, have students write their own clues to describe the quadrilaterals
they have drawn on the other side.