Chapter 11 reading and study guide

Chapter 11: Endocrine System Reading Guide and Review Questions
1. Define endocrine gland.
2. Define hormone and target cell.
3. Explain how steroid hormones produce their effects.
4. Describe how prostaglandins are similar to hormones.
5. Describe a negative feedback system that operates the endocrine system.
6. What is the structure of the pituitary gland?
7. Define releasing hormone. Give an example.
8. List the hormones that the anterior pituitary secretes.
9. How does a growth hormone produce its effect?
10. List the major factors that affect secretion of growth hormones.
11. What is the function/s of prolactin?
12. How are thyroid hormone concentrations controlled?
13. How is the secretion of adrenocorticotropic hormone controlled?
14. What are the functions of the posterior pituitary hormones?
15. Explain the regulation of antidiuretic hormones release.
16. What is the structure of the thyroid gland?
17. Make a table with the thyroid gland hormones and their functions.
18. What are the functions of the parathyroid hormones?
19. Describe the regulation of parathyroid hormone secretion.
20. Distinguish between the adrenal medulla and the adrenal cortex.
21. Make a table with the adrenal medulla hormones and their functions.
22. Do the same (as #22) for the adrenal cortex hormones.
23. How does the pituitary gland control the secretion of cortisol?
24. What is the structure of the pancreas?
25. Make a table labeling the pancreatic islet hormones and their functions.
26. How are pancreatic hormone secretion controlled?
27. What is the function of the pineal gland? Thymus gland?
28. Name five additional hormone-secreting organs (not listed already!)
29. Please label the endocrine glands below.
30. When reactor #4 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station in Ukraine exploded at 1:23pm on April 26,
1986, a great plume of radioactive isotopes erupted into the air and spread for thousands of miles. Most
of the isotopes emitted were of the element iodine. Which of the glands of the endocrine system would
be most seriously affected by the blast? How would this become most evident (how could you tell) in
the nearby populations?
31. A young woman feels shaky, distracted and generally ill. She lives with her mother, who is dying. A friend
tells the woman, “It’s stress; it’s all in your head.” Is it?